Create a negative payment or single pay lease?

What if I plug numbers into my calculator that result in a payment due to me? This is happening both with single pay and regular monthly payments. Will the lender have to pay me to lease the vehicle? The numbers do not lie and all the dealer cares about is selling a car.

Provide some details so we can do deals like this always.

The dealer is willing to sell the car so far below residual??

I doubt the LeaseCo would pay you, though. Still, would be nice to have a $0.00 payment and $0.00 due at signing.

If it’s anything like my mini deal, they’ll make you take a higher mileage to bump the residual down. At 12k miles, it was a negative payment, at 15k miles, it was a total depreciation of $600.

So you’re paying a total of $600 + interest + TTL for 12 months? How much was the MF?

MF was a pretty high 0.00215, I’m paying $112 a month with TTL all rolled in. Just made the first month payment and dealer fee up front. 12 month, 15k mile lease. It was one of Loberant’s deals in December. Could have done max MSD to save $300 over the course of the year, meh. Put that money towards my wifes new RX350 lease MSD’s instead.

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That’s friggin’ awesome. :thumbsup:

MConte05, was that on a Mini?

I am now confident GM Financial does not allow negative depreciation. " Cap cost reduction
may be limited by GM Financial if the amount results in negative depreciation." Seems like a bs rule. If they throw all that lease cash on the hood, one should be able to take it.

Do all the discounts that apply to a deal like the Cruze have to be taken as discounts to the selling price? Could you elect to take any or all of them as cash to yourself? Back in the day, most manufacturers called them “cash back” or “rebates”. Not sure if there’s a distinction today.

This is from the single pay lease section:

“Lease cash and rebates must be used as cap cost reduction.”

I also see this in the regular lease guides:

“Maximum cap cost reduction is 50% of MSRP. Negative depreciation is not allowed.”

Looks like they will not go below zero!

Yep, loaded $35k Mini Cooper S 4-door manual in bright yellow. Hoot of a car to drive around. Loberant had posted a spreadsheet of his mini and bmw deals in mid-december last year. I jumped on the first one that was a manual S version. Going to be hunting for a manual m-sport bmw after this lease is up.

That’s an incredible value – enjoy. Let’s hope @loberant comes out with some new lists this year.