Crazy pricing everywhere

What a terrible time to be finishing up a lease. Been looking at M340 and C43 AMG (still waiting to test drive S5) but man, dealerships are almost cocky when talking cars only at MSRP, and one recently quotes a $5k markup from MSRP. Anyone have any kind of idea as to how long this will keep going? I know the chip shortage thing has got us here, but over-paying a few hundred a month really hurts the soul.


Why not buy your current lease and use it until the inventory gets back to normal rather than paying up the premium? Our C43 lease is ending next month and we are planning to do the same than to pay mid 700’s for a new one.

Also, not sure if the 2022 C53 with the increased 415hp will be released this year, but if it happens the C43 might get heavily discounted.

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You know, I’m really starting to consider that option.

I’m way under miles (21500 of 36000) due to COVID last year. However, I did get wacked by a truck and so the car has an accident on it. And ever since that there’s been a check engine light for a “loose gas cap” which actually isn’t. My thought was sell the car to one of these companies that get you out of a lease. The buyout is $14k, they quoted $19k, and there’s about $1200 of payments left.

You know as I wrote that, I slowly convinced myself a little more to just keep it lol.

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I think the accident might not effect the price of the car too much and the differential amount between the buyout and quoted will go to the taxes + fees + MSD’s if you get a new lease since you are leaning towards a higher end sports car and still pay a premium on the monthly.

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I’m pretty sure those systems are pressure based, so either your sensor is screwed up or there is a crack somewhere, which means you are venting gas vapor, which is very flammable. Why wasn’t this fixed under insurance after the accident?

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Crap. Great question. Making me think I should take it back even though it’s been about a year. I don’t recall how quickly the light came on after I got the car back, but I do think it was some time after. I’ll have to take care of that. Maybe that’d be one less bad thing about this current car. Thanks njc!

Did you see the M340 posted in the private transfers today?

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I actually just sent him a message! Thanks!

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Ugh wrong post.

I got quoted a mb gle at 10k over msrp as the starting. Got them down to 5k over but I think it’s norm for the inventory they have.

I turned in my bmw in September. If you absolutely dont need a car, hold off! If we keep accepting the bullshit of overpaying over msrp, they the sky’s the limit and this will go on for along time. If the demand goes down, the supply will level off, and so will prices. Im holding off till things moderate.