Crazy May Demo Deals - 2019 Alpina B7 Demo - 5k DAS - 1199/ month plus tax . 166k msrp ---- 2019 650i Gran Coupe - 3k DAS - $799 / month plus tax . 103k msrp - M3 M4 ETC

Updated 4/29/19 - Title is from before

We just got news on two available demos and wanted to share the information here right away!
These are very nice cars - An Alpina B7 with a $166,000 MSRP and a BMW 650i Gran Coupe with a $103,000 MSRP

Call Or Text 31O-9O9-39O5

Both cars are structured with MAX MSD and BMW Loyalty - If you don’t have BMW Loyalty then payments will increase

2019 BMW Alpina B7
$5000 DAS plus max MSD
$1199 / month plus tax

2019 BMW 650i Gran Coupe
$3000 DAS plus max MSD
$799 / month plus tax

Call Or Text 31O-9O9-39O5

We also still have the green Alpina B7 avilable - That one is Brand New!

Alpina B7 Demo Built - Gorgeous Color Combo
Grigio Telesto Pearl Metallic
Black Full Merino Leather
Driving Assitance Plus
Luxury rear seating Pacakge
Parking Assistance Package
Panoramic Sky Lounge LED Roof
Ambient Air Package
Remote Control Parking
Bowers and Wilkins Sounds system
Rear seat entertainment
Anthracite Alcantara Headliner
21" Alpina CS16 perf non RFT


holy moly sweet baby jesus…i need to make more money


You owe it to yourself to lease an Alpina when the time is right for you. The Alpina in Alpina Green is one of the best inventions since bread and butter!

Can we stop titles like this and just stick to the actuals…


Just having fun with words mate. No hard feelings

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Sorry to take it out on you. You post some great deals ( I’m on the opposite coast) but the descriptions have been getting infomercial-like. Not just you you, but a lot of users.

I hear you
Sometimes I can sound a bit cheesy
It happens being in the car business for years


No hard feelings. Get me me a M3 at 500 month or a Bentley and I’ll sing your praises.


Lmfao!!! That’s funny

You laugh at the M3 comment but someone in OH posted something not far from it.


I’ll sing your praises

That was the funny part

500/ month for M3 - wow that’s one amazing unicorn

One of the Fleet guys always tells me how he used to pay 123 a month for a purple 3 series lease so crazy stuff do happen

Let us all eat cake and drive Alpinas


Tell the French that

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It’s pending now! I am coming there tonight to make sure this person takes some pictures and posts them to trophy garage :slight_smile:

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Car is still available - @kubikdanon was referring to the M3 in the MidWest

Keep the inquiries coming - Vehicle Built added!

Did you take pictures of M3 for the trophy garage?

Yes, take a look :slight_smile:

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Wow that thing is absolutely Lovely!!