CR-V Windshield Crack


My father-in-law financed a '19 Honda CR-V and the windshield cracked due to manufacturer’s defect. There have been a few class-actions against Honda (Honda CR-V Windshield Crack Lawsuits | Denied Warranty | that didn’t go anywhere.

Does he have any recourse with the dealership? It’s been < 1 year since he got the car.

Thanks in advance!

No, the dealer isn’t involved.


Thanks, so unless there is a recall it’s up to us to figure out how to deal with the situation? Seems best to go through Insurance?


Take it to your local Honda dealer and ask for a warranty replacement, or:

How did you establish the cause/effect?

If it broke without any sign of impact, you may be able get it replaced as a warranty claim.

Otherwise, insurance. There isn’t any liability on the originating dealer though (which is what I assumed you were asking in the first question).

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The car is in a garage 90% of the time and is rarely used these days. The cracks don’t look like they are from impact of debris and resemble situations cited in the class actions.

The windshield could have easily taken a rock weeks or months ago that didn’t cause an immediate crack.

Try the warranty route, and if declined, contact Honda.

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Very odd that the ‘plantiff settled with Honda individually’. Most CA lawyers go for the big money and honestly ‘screw’ the primary.

Out of own experience (albeit with Toyota) - the service technician took a pen and followed the crack. Should there be no catch on the way along it it would be covered with warranty. A catch was indicating the location where the rock hit to start the crack. I don’t know how much of a real test is it but it may give you some early indication as to how realistic your warranty claim may be.