CPO Porsche Panamera: 2014 or 2015?

CPO Panamera Hybrid - both nearly same build. The 2014/15 are nearly the same car (2016 too)

2014 --> 14k miles, $2000 cheaper
2015 --> 20k miles

Do I go for the model year newer, or lower miles and lower lease ($60/month)?

You can lease a CPO Panamera? What is the lease payments look like.

MSRP ~$114,000 (new)
Lease for 2014 CPO (full warranty)

$858 inc tax
$4197 drive off

2015 is $60 more

So it is basically $1000 a month without the crazy drive off. Seems like you could gets lots of cars for that much. Is it not cheaper to finance?

I drove the 2018 740e and 2017 S550e… all around $1000 month. Awesome cars new. But I really like the Panamera. I also have a 2016 Cayenne Hybrid.

The Panamera has a lower lease (higher MSRP) but has a few miles. To me, low mileage CPO is basically a demo.

So 2014 w less miles or 2015 (+$60) ?

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BTW, sure the car could be financed but I’d have to pay the tax and 10% down (at least w my credit union). and i prefer to lease.

Im with you, the Panamera blows away the 7er & S class. I’d try to get those drive offs lower. Also, what is the cap cost of the 2014 model? And residual?

I may still lower the drive off (hate to put a deposit) but I am keen on a payment under $900. Residual for the 2014 and 2015 is 30% of MSRP. Dealers may say its based on the value of the car. It may be tied to some CPO value (miles, etc). I’ve found 30% of original MSRP across several dealers.

I am leaning toward the 15 even w a few more miles.

Very much the wrong approach to a P car. What is the build of each?

Builds are similar (both premium plus). $114k MSRP on the '14 vs $112k on the '15.

14 miles on the 14; 20k miles on the '15. Different rims.

Drive off* is $1500 lower on the '14.

  • I am putting some cash to get the payment to $850.

The 14 is specd differently it seems …chrono would be nice

Auxiliary Cabin Conditioning
BOSE® Audio Package
Exterior Package in Black (High-Gloss)
Front center console armrest with integrated storage compartment
Heated Multifunction Steering Wheel in Dark Walnut
ParkAssist (Front and Rear) incl. Reversing Camera
Passenger side footwell net
Power Seats (14-way) with Memory Package
Power Steering Plus speed sensitive steering compensation
Premium Package Plus
Seat Ventilation (Front)
Sport Chrono Package
Steering Wheel Heating
Tiptronic S
Vehicle Cable (25 ft)
19" Panamera Classic Wheels

All-Season Tires for 20" Wheels
Auxiliary Cabin Conditioning
BOSE® Surround Sound System
Brushed Aluminum Interior Package
ParkAssist (Front and Rear) with Reversing Camera
Power Seats (14-way) with Memory Package
Premium Package Plus
Seat Ventilation (Front)
Tiptronic S
Tire Valve in Black
Wheel Center Caps with Colored Porsche Crest
20" Panamera Sport Wheels in Black (High-Gloss)

I’d want the extra year of warranty the 15 provides which along with the CPO warranty should cover you for the life of your lease.

The CPO warranty runs through Sept my lease will end in December. If the car needed an expensive repair not covered by CPO I would turn it in early. Porsche allows a pull ahead.

I went with the 2014. The low mileage (14k) – to me said one year of average use.

And yes Chrono is included.