CPO leasing luxury brands

I’ve been doing some searching and can only find a few references to leasing a CPO car. Can anyone tell me if it’s brand specific or varies by dealer? I am looking to do this in Florida, and wondering if it can be done on some of the luxury brands like Audi, Porsche, BMW, etc… Any help would be great

The brands you’ll see the best deals from would be Porsche (which we can help with)! Rarely makes sense outside of Porsche honestly, I recall BMW has a program, never really gave it a breath because if it was great, everyone would do it. Lexus has a program as well, again same reasoning as prior.


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Once did it with BMW, the challenge is finding a dealer who knows the program and is willing to go down this road. Most vehicles in this category lose any incentives / rebates that would be available in a comparable new vehicle.

It wasn’t a bad deal when I did it though the cost savings aren’t as great as what you may think. At the time I did it, was pre Covid where as now used vehicle value sales prices are higher than the historical average. Making it that much harder to push the boulder uphill in this case.

Generally, leasing used vehicles ends up costing more than if you just leased a new one.


Not great in my research with Lexus CPO lease a few years ago. It was essentially came down to driving an older car with more maintenance (e.g, brake fluid, spark plugs) with pre existing wear and tear and old tech for about $50/mo less at that time. Not worth it imo

I have seen it done with Jaguar.

Aside from a few exceptions, your time is going to be much better spent looking for former demo, loaner and courtesy cars that still qualify for new car lease programs.

Check out the “Share a Deal” and “Marketplace” sections of LH forums to see what’s leasing well and narrow down your search.

A couple years ago we had a Lexus dealer on here posting CPO leases. She got pretty hammered and the deals were mediocre at best. BUT it was interesting to me that Lexus has CPO lease/finance incentives that change month to month. It could make for a great deal if the stars aligned, just like on a new car lease.

But given the crack head used cars market at the moment, I highly doubt a CPO would be worth leasing (or buying)

Thanks everyone! At least it sounds like Porsche and maybe jaguar can do it. I’ll look into it but thanks for the help.

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