Covid: Lease with miles remaining at end of term

Our Acura MDX SH is approaching end of lease in less than a year (3 year lease). We opted for 12k/miles year option (36K miles total). However, so far we have only driven 16K miles in over 2 years and would be fair to say, we will be around 20K miles at the end of the lease.

What would be our possible paths to somehow recoup those remaining miles? With Covid, we haven’t used the car much in the last 9 months.

You can see if selling your car to Carvana, etc. results in positive equity due to the lower mileage.

If you lease another Acura you can roll those extra miles over into the next lease. I think they call it Momentum Miles or something like that - should be able to easily find out more info on the AFS website


You’re not going to get cash back out of it nor alter the lease terms. Best bet is to check out all that mentioned above