Coupons-Are they worth it?

Does anyone have experience with these types of advertising schemes? Are they legit?

Real check, handwriting - must be legit :grin:

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I know it’s not a real check, but is it legitimate for use in negotiations after the final number has been reached?:star_struck:

One word…gimmick.

Any time you see the words “up to…$xxx” you can be sure it’s a ploy to get you in the store in hopes you’ll fall in love with something.

They obviously do their job though, or the dealerships wouldn’t continue doing it.

Nah, just do your homework before contacting them.

Must be the time of year. Seeing a lot of similar threads on other boards I follow - some of these are getting pretty convincing.

“So, now that we have arrived at a price, I have this ad saying you’ll give more.”

“yeah… we already took that into account.”