Could this deal be better? 2019 330i loaner

This is my first actual post but I am trying to do some research and trying to work out a deal for a friend. I am using this as a baseline for what the dealer has as far as their price online shows.

MSRP: $45165
Selling Price: $38481 (14.8% off MSRP)
Months: 36
Miles/Year : 10k
Residual: 61%
Demo Car Mileage: 3759 mi
The adjusted residual is 59.2%
Money Factor (MF) : 0.00165
MSD: 7
Taxed Incentives : $2750

The Leasehackr score shows: 10

I am going to try and convince them to lower the selling price around 3%. Do you think it is reasonable to ask for 18% off the new 330i?



What are they expecting to get?

Sorry I accidentally pressed enter while trying to copy everything over but it posted instead! Everything is edited and I think I have everything on there.

Why would you add anything to the down payment. If anything all you want to pay at drive off is first payment.

There is no point in paying money down at drive off, due to the fact that if that car is totaled you lose all that money.

Plus isn’t it better to pay a small amount monthly rather than a lump sum at the beginning? You can invest the money elsewhere

Well basically I am trying to say 1k down to make it essentially 2k DAS, but I want to add that to the monthly and essentially make it 0 DAS and 340 a month if they can do 18%. I just don’t know how to make the drive offs on the calculator 2k without adding it as 1k down. I’m sorry if that’s confusing I guess I am just trying to see if 18% off MSRP is possible.

So you want to put $1k down so the DAS is $2k, but then want to roll all that in to make it $0 DAS? :man_facepalming:

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Yeah… I know I’m not making sense lol just more or less wondering if a further discount is possible on the car. I’m just being an idiot with the whole 1k down thing, I’ll just get rid of that so I can stop making a fool of myself lol

Down payment and DAS amounts are independent of how much discount a dealer will give.

Yeah just realized that after playing with the calculator some more, still trying to familiarize myself more with leasing and doing the numbers myself.

Ask for this,

The worst they could say is no, the best would be you could post the first 2019 3-series unicorn!

I doubt those numbers are possible, but if it is, better to do 24 months and waive the acq fee.

It’s fun to try though, you never know if you don’t ask! They can only go down!

I could probably make this happen, but the only 3 i’m going to be leasing any time soon is going to be a M340i! :smiley: