Could I lease a Volt out of my home state?

I am at Colorado and the lease quote for Volt is kind of ridiculous high. I saw a few posts mentioned lower monthly payment quote for Volt at SoCal or Bay Area. Is that possible I send a quote request to the CA dealer and ask them to ship the vehicle to Colorado?


It’s possible but I doubt you’ll get the same price. California is a CARB state so they have some extra state level rebates which help lower the cost AND they award CARB credits to the can manufacturers for every EV sold. If you sell cars in California and you don’t get enough CARB credits then that state (and a handful of other CARB states) will FINE you for every credit short you are. So for Chevy not only do the extra rebates help but they might try to avoid a fine (I’ve heard $5,000 per CARB credit) from being short credits and will be willing to sell the EVs for actually a loss, or at least an insane deal. Problem is, if a non California resident buys the car California won’t issue the CARB credit for it unless its registration is in California so Chevy loses the incentive to sell it dirt cheap.

I’m working on a BMW i3 REx in north California that’s rather cheap and so far the dealer has said the deal is valid even though I made sure to mention more then once that j don’t live in California but now the final numbers that the dealer is giving to me includes a bunch of California taxes in the quote… So it could be that dealers are just fucking idiots and don’t actually read what you ask and plow through to the signing point…

You might be able to get better dealer discounts from a CA dealer, but you won’t be able to receive the bonus lease cash offered to CA residents (and other CARB state residents). Vehicle needs to be titled in a CARB state in order to receive the additional $2,250 lease cash. Otherwise, you’ll only qualify for the standard $4,610 lease cash offered to everyone.