Costco which membership to get rebates

Hey guys i wanna get costco for next purchase. Incase i need it, i have it. So do i need the cheaper membership or the higher one or they all same for rebates? Thank you

They are the same.

Get the Exec for cash back. Any amount you don’t recoup for the cash back due to a low spend they refund the difference on the Exec fee (or at least they used to).

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You’ve to manually apply for it while degrading the card I believe

@sal88 Not sure if you picked up a Costco membership just yet, however it rarely gets any better than this deal. $60 membership with a $40 gift card makes it $20 for the year at least till you go in and get something you didn’t know you needed. Obviously, you can then be eligible for future Costco incentives.

Costco Membership Deals: Get $40 Giftcard & More - Doctor Of Credit


I’m shocked you live in New York and don’t have a Costco membership already.

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Solid, also look for similar deals with Sam’s, picked up a 2 year membership for something like $40.


Thank you, we did ended up getting a membership in june for future rebates.

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Idk we always used bj’s, we got the membership now. Just gotta find a early morning to go or late night to go. Those places are always crowded. We end up always using doordash

That’s what someone from Long Island or westchester would say. In nyc only certain populations in Brooklyn with many children benefit from a membership.

Long Island here!

Costco’s savings on doing engineered hardwood through out my condo was almost 20x the the fee.

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Why 42% of Americans Are Not Costco Members?

Im not gonna lie we only do bjs for household items and sometime water depending when needed if we already there. But food, we do shoprite every week. Meats we do butcher shop.

Only reason we did Costco for chevy rebates, for silverado ev in future when they start disconnecting them

It’s a luxury for sure, but we just hire people to come over to the house and put samples of pizza nuggets and organic avocado mayonnaise everywhere, and then another team comes in and crashes carts into our ankles.


Is this the Ohio house or the California one? Next LH meetup at your place?

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So to go back to the original question. Both the Gold and Executive memberships get the costco auto incentives?

Yes either will get you the rebates

Oh, Sam’s sells awesome German planks (different colors)

Update. So i finally went to costco in garden city long island. Yo that will be my last time going to costco, place was packed like if it was Black Friday spent 45 mins on line to pay. Wtf is like this in every costco?. Im talking about people with 2 carts filled to the top as if were going into lockdown mode. Like really. Place was packed on monday night

basic plan doesnt get rebates. if you want rebates yearly you have to get a higher plan than basic