Costco March /April incentive $1500 off Cadillac

XT and CT models
In case a LHer wants a caddy.


We’ve been thinking of picking up one of these.


In my best Clarkson Voice

“See, what you should get instead is a Jaaaaaaagggggg”


Wicker is a bold and unexpected choice for a casket!

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I’m waiting for the obligatory [How do I qualify for this discount if I’m not a member now] post.


As long as it doesn’t pick you up!! :rofl:


Do you have April’s RV/MF for zip code 90210?

That trunk…

For those most willing to pay over MSRP, your discount has come.

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Great conversation piece out on the deck! Place for my cushions.

Conversely, you could get screwed one final time…

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Any of those actually have any good rebates lately ?

I heard this month you get an additional $500 off them. But considering the RV is in the low 50s, it’s ugly to lease.

Buy it.

Answer: off by a factor of at least 10

150,000 off a Cadillac? Man, they might sell one this quarter for once.

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1500 off a blackwing would be awesome

Considering this somewhat

Any XT6 owners/fans out there?