Costco incentive - new Chevy models added in June?

As we’re all aware, Costco is currently offering an incentive on Chevy EVs (May 1-Jul 31). There’s another thread in here with a screenshot that shows Silverados being included in June. Is that a real thing? Will Costco add to the list of eligible models midway through their summer Chevy promotion?

I’m currently shopping for a silverado, but the dealers near me are not even close to broker pricing and autocompanion isn’t doing any more Chevy/GMC deals this month. Now I’m wondering if I should just wait it out.

I recently checked the GMC page for offer and it is indeed gone either it was a mistake

Or it is truly coming on June 1 only way to find out is to wait

Silverado gets an extra 1k…

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Is the requirement to be a Costco Member before April 30th enforced strictly?

As someone who tried when you try to get the code on costco auto it won’t generate the code for you if you sign up after the 30th.


There was a loop hole mentioned that if you were a prior Costco member and you renewed your membership then the code will still generate.


Going to a new Costco that just opened and joining used to also work

IIRC it would have to be one that opened this month, not in May, but YMMV.

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Still works :wink: