Costco buying program: negotiate price lower from standard price?

Hey all,

I would like to lease using the Costco Auto Program to get the $700 gift card.

The Costco program is basically selling the vehicle I want at invoice.

Can I negotiate the price down from there? Or do I have to buy at that specific price if I want to use the Costco program?


You can receive lower than supplier pricing and still receive the Costco gift card. I know there are certain stipulations in selling below invoice/supplier pricing, but I’m not 100% on them. Someone on here leased a '17 Equinox LT and received $3k off MSRP as a dealer discount…much more than the standard supplier/Costco discount.

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I did this 3 times last year. The dealer simply marked the sales contract with an additional dealer discount in addition to the supplier price. If you think about it, GM Financial would rather the dealer sell as low as they can, as it lowers the amount they put at risk if the leasee defaults. Remember, GM already sold the car to the dealer upon delivery to the lot.

I was just told the other day by the dealer that they have to honor the Costco pricing. He did tell me in a whisper voice that if I emailed the dealership on their website about a car I was interested in, that he could get me about another $600 off of MSRP. But supposedly, if you start the process using Costco, they have to stick with that pricing. Not sure how true that is, but just passing along what I was told. The car I was looking at thru Costco was $100 over invoice, and he told me they were selling for about $500 under invoice to clear out the 2016’s.

I bought a Silverado last year and didn’t realize Costco was having the promotion (Bought Oct. 2nd). The dealer discount was below the Costco price. I called Costco and they allowed me to get the $700 cash card. The dealer tried saying they couldn’t sign the paperwork because the price was below the Costco price. I called Costco, Costco called the dealer and “clarified.” So, yes you can go below Costco price and you can even get if you buy before starting the Costco process. Might take some time and phone calls but it’s possible.