COSTCO Auto program Savings event Oct 1-Jan 3 - GM is back

Looks like $1000 rebate on 2021 or 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Silverado 2500 HD, Silverado 3500 HD, Colorado, Tahoe, Suburban, Blazer, Trailblazer, Traverse and Equinox.

No gift cards this year.

*** To qualify for the Costco Auto Program Savings Event, you must be a current Costco member by September 30, 2021. ***

Looks like you need to be an existing Costco member by today in order to take advantage. So if you’re planning on getting a GM lease by end of year, you might have to hurry to get a membership by today.


No Camaro?? That is disappointing.

No Buick or GMC or Cadillac?

I guess something is better than nothing… thanks Covid


Lol no Bolt this time :joy:


I haven’t paid much attention to Chevy lately, so where have they been falling on the scale of “MSRP” to “Ridiculously Marked Up”? Between the $1000 from Costco and $500 First Responder discount, this might make them an option for me if the actual sale prices aren’t inflated too much.

It depends on location, dealer, and demand for a particular car. However, I would suspect the new trucks are all going for a premium right now.

Wow, after looking at the Traverse, extra incentives don’t seem to help because you need to get the top trim levels just for some features like adaptive cruise that other brands have standard on their lowest trims.

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All dealers around me are marking up the Chevy trucks and SUVs in tune of 3 to 8K MSRP. Tahoe’s are at 6-8K, Suburban over 8K, trucks are whatever over they decide to. The Costco incentives probably will only pay for the “can not remove you have to pay” dealer add ons.


Chevy dealers around here have extremely low inventory, this $1k wont make a deal LeaseHacker worthy.

I’d love me some discounts on not for sale items.

Then perhaps look at dealers that aren’t around you maybe? Airline tickets are dirt cheap. Why wouldn’t you drive up to 1,000 miles to pick up a vehicle that’s a few grand cheaper?

Dealers around 1000 miles are also marking up the said inventory as well. In South all Chevy trucks and SUVs are marked up. It is like saying to someone in NW to fly to a southern state to buy a Subaru at a discount instead of a markup. And drive 2000 miles back.

I love how the answer to everything is to look further away. The dealer 1000 miles away from me is someone else’s local dealer, that’s pulling the same shit as every other dealer in this current market.

Because that’s usually what it takes and there are dealers out there doing things differently. People aren’t suggesting that just because they like the idea of making random internet strangers drive long distances.


I mean…if that’s what you think then stay local. There’s plenty of people on this forum that expanded their search and got a much better deal.


I tried 7 dealers in a 75 miles radius all marked up. Finally found a dealer 300 miles away who wasn’t marking up, with a slight(negligible) discount. It works

Can Costco be combined with GMS?

Yes, unless GM recently changed the rules. I used Costco with GMS for two leases in the past year, 2021 Silverado in June and a Buick Enclave in Dec '20.

Dealer told me no but I think they were lying…

I just signed a Silverado lease with GMS, Costco, and Lease Conquest combined after a few dealers told me I couldn’t.

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When folks say “GMS” are you referring to GM supplier or GM stockholder (aka employee)? The discounts are usually rather different.

How much in GM stock does one need to purchase to get the stockholder discount?