Costco Audi discount is back! (well, kinda...)

Starting Aug 2, 2022, Costco is offering ‘free’ Audi Care when you lease or purchase one of many models through early October. Better than nothing? See terms below from Costco site. Costco also has some (actual monetary) incentives for the Chevy Silverado HD and some Volvo CPOs – don’t know how new those offers are.

Per Costco:
To qualify for the Audi Care Special, you must: 1) be a current Costco member by August 1, 2022; 2) register with Costco Auto Program online or through its call center to obtain a certificate with your unique 8 digit alpha numeric promotion code; 3) present your certificate and promotion code to a franchised Audi dealer at the time of visit; and 4) purchase or lease a new and unused 2022 or 2023 A3, S3, A4, S4, A4 allroad, Q3, A5, S5, A6, S6, A6 allroad, Q5, SQ5, A8, or S8 between August 2, 2022 and October 3, 2022, to receive complimentary Audi Care 10k/20k/30k/40k prepaid scheduled maintenance package. This Audi Care Special is not eligible on the purchase of A7, S7, e-tron, e-tron GT, Q4 e-tron, Q7, SQ7, Q8, SQ8, R8, TT, RS models. Promotion Codes are not transferable. Incentive not available for cash. Valid only to whom the unique promotion code is addressed or members of the same household. Vehicles sold in the name of a business will be verified against the primary purchaser’s driver’s license to ensure eligibility. Only one Promotion Code per VIN will be accepted. See Audi Care Updates | Service & Parts | Audi USA for Audi Care program details.

This Limited-Time Special is not compatible with some Audi programs and incentives including Military Select Program, Special Benefit Selector, any Corporate Sales Programs, Dealer Small Fleet Incentive (DSFI), Courtesy Vehicle Program (CV), Dealer Employee Purchase Program (DEPP), Contract Employee Purchase Program (CEPP), Friends & Family Program, or VIP & Diplomat Sales Program.

Recommended service intervals and scheduled maintenance services vary based on vehicle model, model year, and mileage. The Audi Care 10k/20k/30k/40k prepaid scheduled maintenance package will expire at 52,000 miles or 60 months from the original vehicle in-service date, whichever occurs first. All subsequent Audi Care prepaid scheduled maintenance packages for model years 2020 and newer are valid for the mileage/time stipulated in their Audi Care contracts.


Considering audicare boosts residual value by 1% on a lease - a 1% discount, whew…



Correct, however the price has increased for Audi Care since the past and it’s no longer $999 for all models. Even with the residual bump it’s a savings of roughly $25-$30/mo. Nothing to write home about, but a good sign of deals to come!


@Jrouleau is also doing invoice on some in stock audis. So potential to get 3-4% discount all in. Much better than 3% adm.

Thanks for sharing, it’s better than nothing. Audi is just ugly these days, especially their interest rates.


8-11% off is happening on Audis now… even 5-6% on etrons. The biggest problem is the money factors.


Also lack of rebates. IIRC one used to be able to stack up to $22,500

Etron still has the 7500 rebate. So with 5% off and 7500, there is a slim possibility of sub 1k payment…

Yeah, the sub 500 payment is not happening …

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I cant see 5-6% on etrons anywhere. Any pointers? Thanks

Are etrons available as in stock?
If the delivery is in 2023 then the new EV bill might not include any Audi EV.