Corvette Hackrs - Sample Deal Posted on 8/6 - Base Manual Car

This is one of the best dealerships to hack Corvettes from

Over 450 in inventory


I’m really hoping to score a hack on a C7 from one of the SE MI dealers. Knowing GM lately though, they probably won’t throw any incentives at them and will dump the RV

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Putting my M3 CS on lease transfer and getting one in a few months :slight_smile:


Now that the 2020 Corvettes are revealed, the 2019s would be a good buy. Looks like the standard discount on the 2019s are 20% off.

Probably better to buy than lease?

Guys you think the 2020 will be hackable come next December?

No, not for years. There will be premiums on them.


The fact that we are talking about trying to hack one 6 months before it hits the dealership should tell you your answer. But there are dealers taking deposits to sell at msrp.
Btw I am 100% in on the c8 the performance, looks and value are simply astonishing, but it’s probably going to be a better buy than lease for a while. I think when the c7 came out c6s were hackable, in the $5-600 range plus drive offs.

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Would definitely try for a ZR1 seen some price drops but nothing crazy yet :thinking:

I wonder what would be the total cost of ownership if one purchases the c8 at msrp and sells after a year with reasonable miles.

We’ve already seen way better deals on C7 than that. I’m really hoping for low 400’s which should be doable if GM maintains RV and throws some incentives at them to move them.

Edit: nevermind, that included a ton of GM card earnings :man_facepalming:

No telling, tbh though these aren’t ferrari’s or super cars for that matter so don’t expect appreciation through virtue of scarcity: Everyone who wants one will get one.

The dude had 4 grand plus in gm card earnings, and only spread that out over 24 months, that’s not a reasonable deal comp.




Also was base model. Without those GM earnings would have been hard to make even 1% deal.

If you could get one early on without paying above MSRP, you would probably have one of the few used C8’s on the resale market a year later. I would assume there would be a lot of demand for a slightly used Vette at that time. Probably could get 85% of MSRP (just a guess)

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Lets say I got a base model including CA tax for $66K and sold it for $51k (60k*%85). Monthly depreciation would be $1250… Still doesn’t make much sense …

Yeah, no bueno. Hacking has ruined me for ever owning a car again besides perhaps a project.

That’s why I love leasing. You only pay tax on the amount you lease.

Seriously depends on the state.

TX can swing either way depending on tax credits.

Most of the time though we get hosed on taxes with leases!