Convertible BMW 4 series

Does anybody know a dealer with decent offers on the convertible 4 series in SoCal?I have been looking for a very long time but the dealers are quite firm on their prices. The best deal I had so far was 3k down and 570 (including 9.5% tax), 36 month, 10k but it is way over my budget. I was looking something in the low 400s. Any ideas or tips?

Is that price even possible? Do you know res, mf, msrp?

That’s really optimistic. They are pretty much 50k with any sort of normal options and the residual is lower than a 3series. You’re only shot is a loaner and even then it’s an uphill battle.

You can’t honestly expect to get a convertible 4 series for low 400’s, when it’s tough to even get a non-convertible one for that price…

here’s a couple starting points

Thank you so much, this are the lowest payments I have seen for a long time. Even with the quite high down payment, this seem to be great deals. I will get in touch with them.

LOL at BMW SF’s discounts off MSRP.

OP isn’t going to get a 4 series convertible in his price range, sorry for the bad news.

What? Those are terrible deals. Only 5% off MSRP. Those “deals” are effectively over $500/month and don’t even include tax or drive-offs yet.

this is b4 rebates, current BMW cash, and haggling

The bottom deal includes loyalty, which most dealers don’t. So I’m sure it’s inclusive of all rebates.