Consumer Reports Brand Reliability Chart

Ok, this is not exactly about leasing but I thought this would be of great interest for any of you deciding between different car brands. What do you think?

I’ve owned Mazdas for years and my experience had been good. My wife leased and drives a 2016 CX-9 Touring and we both love it! Prior to it we had the 2013 model and I also had a 2014 Mazda3 for 9 years (0 problems!).
We also owned a Nissan Murano 2007 and it all went downhill right after its 3 year warranty lapsed.
My last 3 year lease of a VW was less than satisfactory, not only due to the quality of the german-imported car but as for the bad treatment of the dealers and their inability to repair its electrical/sensor issues.

My new car is a Lexus SUV and I couldn’t be happier with both the car and the dealer treatment (Sir, what loaner model would you like to have while we perform the 5K maintenance on your vehicle?) . I think the charts show:

This is subjective data, as reported by members …yes?

Surprise, surprise. Genesis & Audi are on top. But it’s Consumer Reports, so…

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Not really a surprise as Audi have been trending upward for a long time. Genesis are probably helped by a small model range and sample size.

It’s not perfect but CR is probably the best data that consumers can get their hands on. Relative to others such as JD Powers, their sample sizes are much larger and they are also a non-profit