Considerations When Extending Car Lease

My 2017 Audi A6 is due at the end of the month and I haven’t crossed any solid lease deals for a 2020 A6 in the past two months. Just wanted to get a sense of key considerations I should think through before extending my lease for another 3 - 6 months awaiting another deal. Also, are lease extensions generally month to month and I can turn it in when I find a new deal?

Thanks for the help.

You need to call Audi FS and ask them about the terms of their lease extension(s), specifically regarding the time period, notice, etc. Every manufacturer will be different.

As to considerations, the biggest thing is any additional expenses or wear and tear that could occur over the next ~3 months. For example, if more driving would cause your tires to wear below the acceptable level and need to be replaced, or if a major service would be coming due, or a non-refundable state registration, etc.


You are thinking about it the right way - lock-in deal in today’s dealer-friendly market or kick the can down the road. I hope your crystal ball is better then mine.

Costco has a 10% discount program on Audi’s. Are you a member?


I am a member. I’ve been getting quoted with the 10% Costco discount, but not much more incentives on top of that. Still trying to target the 1% rule, but not close yet in today’s market.

Oh no… you’ve summoned @mllcb42… ignore the 1% rule :slight_smile:


Especially on an Audi. They do not tend to do well under the 1% test. If all you want is to brag about how good a deal you got on the 1% test, you need to go with BMW or Volvo. If you want a better car at a higher %, go with Audi. That is what I did on my last car (A4), and I never regretted it.



Any updates? We are in a similar boat with the lease ending mid-November. Got a pull-ahead from Audi Fin but the deals are just not very appealing at the moment. Even with Donnie’s best efforts we’d be paying about 40% more for a car that’s only 10% more expensive on the MSRP basis. Hoping that Audi will come thru with either Summer of Audi or some year end deals.

There are also new 2019 A7’s left but no major support for those at all! Wonder if they’ll last until November when they might be a better buy with real Audi incentives.

Timing is everything. Got the last 2018 A6 in November of 2017. $60,5xx MSRP, 36/10, 0 DAS, MSDs only, $565/mo incl 9.5% tax. Looking at ~$67-70K A6’s now and getting some quotes as insane as very high 800s to low 900’s! This beauty came courtesy of Rancho Mirage (must be overheating in the desert, lol). The guy even took offense when I pointed out that they are really marking up the car Costco/Audi rebate notwithstanding.

How about we start Dealer Hall of Shame for stupid offers :wink:

I’m of a different opinion. If the best you can do on a specific model is above 1%, you should be asking if you really want that model or perhaps a higher MSRP car for the same payment that you may have not initially considered.

So as an example if OP wants a Q5 but can’t work out a deal below 1%, OP should at least think about competitive models (which we all know but I won’t name). Maybe OP is just settled on a Q5 and is willing to pay more… Just fine as long as the competitive model pricing was known but turned down.

What is the max an Audi lease can be extended and what are the terms? Asking for a friend with a newly leased Audi.

I was in the same boat with a 2017 A6 coming off lease. I was able to work a deal to get a $900 discount beyond the Costco 10% pricing, which stacked with $3,500 lease cash and $500 lease loyalty, together with a $750 gift card rebate from Costco. The lease money factor was down to 0.00017, which is equivalent to 0.4%. I’m paying a similar monthly payment (high $500s), but because the residual on the A6 is was so low (51% for 36 months @ 10K per year), I wound up paying the taxes and fees up front.

To save real money, I would have had to switch to Volvo, and but wasn’t all that crazy about the exterior design of the sedan, particularly the S90. So I stuck with Audi and avoided the $495 disposition fee.

If I can be of any other help, just let me know!

If it starts with an x or XC :sneezing_face:.

I don’t think today’s market is “dealer friendly”. They are banging down my door calling at all hours. The economy is tanking badly, millions cannot afford rent much less a new car. The dealers near me have full lots with tons of cars. August Sept is traditionally a good time to buy but to be fair December is good too.

However the topic was about Costs of extending the lease. In my case I would have to pay additional registration fees of $500+ to renew for another year. No way that’s worth it for another 2-3 months (my lease expires in Sept). Also check your tires - if you are close to the wear bars that may be an additional $1k+ that you don’t want to pay by driving more miles.

Considering an Audi too but they do not seem to have the lease deals or motivation that I’m finding at BMW. Depending on your needs you may want to check Enterprise sales which has some good deals on 2019 Audis w 15-30k miles.

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