Connecticut Leasees - Property Taxes

Does anyone from Connecticut know how leases work in regards to property taxes?

Connecticut is an odd state where the town you live in charges property taxes based on their assessment of the car. If you lease a car from a dealership in CT, are they rolled in? If you lease a car from a dealership outside of CT, are they rolled in? Or can I expect a bi-annual bill from my town?

I am from Stamford, CT and leasing a mercedes. MBFS added the property tax bill to the account (payable online) in the second year of leasing.

The taxes can’t be rolled in at lease inception since you don’t know what they will be. They are based on a NADA value which changes year to year. Like annual car tax in RI or MA. You will get an annual bill from state although leasing company may pay that bill directly and bill you (what happened to a friend of mine in Roxbury).

Google the CT tax I do feel somewhat better about VA’s insane car tax since it seems like CT’s car tax manages to be way more regressive and unfair than VAs already really regressive car tax.