Confused about leasing vs. buying Wrangler JL

So after reading this forum for a while it seems like there is some disagreement about leasing a Jeep Wrangler.

Assumptions (very loose)

.002 MF
.700 RV

For a 12k/36 mo lease

I see threads here and on Wrangler forums saying it’s a great idea and others saying it’s awful. I can afford to lease for 36 months or finance on a 36 month term to have it fully paid off. I have ~750 credit. I don’t intend to do any modifications and will keep the vehicle in great shape. If I want to get something new / better after 3 years which proposition leaves me in the best position with a mildly optioned Wrangler JL when I am done with it? Does it vary depending on the model and trim? Would a rarer more top-end model have a better RV? I see conflicting information on how well Rubicons hold value etc.




“Wranglers don’t lease well.”

“Best lease deals.”

What gives?

I’ve been hoping to get some info on the new Wrangler as well. No information on Jeeps site either… Typically on their “build” they have “offers” for every model you choose to build.

Can anyone offer any insight…

Wrangler’s hold their value much better than average. I have been looking at them myself and fully plan on buying.