2018 Jeep Wrangler JK Sport

Hello everyone. I have used lease hacker to calculate a price that I would like to pay on a lease for a 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK Sport (roughly around $290 a month). I have seen others post their calculations as well and they were successful when going to the dealer to get that price. I am curious how do you go about getting the price you see on leasehackr at the dealership? Did you just present the leasehackr price to them? Any tips or advice would be wonderful. Just for more information, I am looking to do 36 month / 10K mile. If anyone has negotiated a deal with these similar specs, please share your story and the end deal.


How did you come to a price of $290 a month? Wranglers haven’t leased well in the past at all so that number might not be possible. I’d recommend reading how to negotiate and spend some time searching the forum. Short answer, we don’t just give the dealer the leasehackr price because the leasehackr price does not exist. It is merely a calculator to calculate a lease payment and to ensure that the dealer’s numbers match what they should be and to see if a deal is possible. Start by asking for the residual and MF on Edmunds and finding rebates on Autobytel. See what average selling prices are for your area.

Hello. Thanks for the reply. Thus far we have established that the residual value on a 2018 JK Wrangler Unlimited Sport is 72% per Edmunds. Additionally we used a MF equivalent to 4.8% interest. I have already worked with a dealership and without any negotiation they gave me a price of $31,346 on a MSRP of $34,250. The ~$290 per month is derived from these numbers along with 36 months and 10k miles per year with the addition of 6.25% sales tax in the state of Texas on top of other associated fees (title, registration, documentation, etc.)… when you say that they haven’t leased well, what exactly do you mean? Also, at the end of the day, could a dealer just tell me to pound sand if they want? Meaning, can they lease it for whatever they want to lease it for even if the numbers on leasehackr don’t even come close to what they are offering?

Your calculations seem off. Using those numbers, depreciation is $186/month, rent is $112/month and tax is $55/month. That’s already $353/month not including acq fee, DMV fees, doc fees, etc.

I think $290 a month is way off. Using your numbers, I’m at over $400 a month sign and drive. When I say they don’t lease well, that means it is hard to meet the 1% rule on. The dealer can choose to do whatever they want. They give you the quote and associated payment. You are simply giving them an offer and negotiating