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If you need a six cd changer then go for the Infiniti. Unfortunately no place to put the cd cases. The interior in the mdx is better and also drives better than qx. I’ve owned several infiniti but that was 10 yrs ago and I was a big fan. Then I test drove the qx and the mdx and found the mdx was way better. Both will be updated soon. You need to test drive yourself to really compare.

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Sorry to say but interior of MDX is not as good as the QX60. I sat in both on same day and padding for knee is leather in QX60 while MDX is plastic. The dashboard is plastic in MDX while QX60 is covered in soft touch leather. The center console is outdated on both but the buttons on QX60 are easily accessible. Wish QX60 updates its infotainment but overall comfort in all 3 rows is more than MDX. MDX drives very good and QX60 with right tires does too. But MDX’s performance is definitely better. Also the fact that the seat comes ahead with car seat in it is a great thing in QX60. Haven’t found it in many other 7-seaters.

Seats of MDX and Pilots are same and while comfortable i found QX60s better on 20 mile test drive.

And the leases and selling price is better in QX60 by miles so it becomes a no brainer. If you want to own, MDX is better.

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Any thoughts on the 3rd row seating in the QX60? We’re considering getting one when our lease is up in November. Is it easy to access the third row? I know it’s not going to be as easy as a minivan, but how bad is it?



To get into the 3rd row on the QX60 you pull a lever on the side of the seat, the seat back moves forward and the seat itself folds. Then you have to push the whole seat forward on the track. This works pretty well and there is plenty of room to get into the 3rd row. The only problem is that the seat is heavy to push forward. My 10 year old son and 13 year old daughter have a hard time doing this themselves on the side where 1/3 of the seat moves and it’s pretty much impossible for them to do it on the side where 2/3 of the seat folds and slides.

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I have found easy access to third row. most of the time, adults sit there in my case ranging from 5’3 to 5’11. They haven’t found any issues going the back. Pushing and folding of 2nd seat is easy. Wouldn’t know how it works for kids as they are still in the car seat. But again, the fact that they fold with car seats in place is a time/energy saver.

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Thanks for the info @bartekward and @vatakle! Do you know if there’s still plenty of room accessing the third row with two rear facing child seats?



I looked at the price comparison and when I saw QX60 for $55,795 to $65,295 I was like WHAAA??? Than I noticed it’s in Canadian Peso…

3rd row seating in any car of this segment is not intended for the adults. Kids, and even that on occasion only in my humble opinion.



You can fold and slide 1/3 of the second row or 2/3. If you can fit both car seats on 2/3 of the seat, then you can still fold and slide 1/3 to get to the third row. I have a feeling they won’t fit though. If the car seats take up the majority of the 2nd row, I don’t really see how you could move the seat and access the third row at all.

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The QX60 folding feature works best for forward facing child seats. I can easily slide my seat with my Diono carseat attached in order to access the third row (sometimes with child still strapped in while napping!). When I’ve had to take extra adults in the car, I moved one car seat to the third row so that two adults can sit in the second row while the two car seats are both on the curb side. While there are no latch anchors in the third row, I can use the seat belt and the seat back has the anchor for the over strap.

I’ve sat in the third row many times and while it’s not a lot of room, I still have a few inches in front of my knees if I sit straight up. It also helps that the second row seats slide forward.

I’ve leased this car since the 2014 model year and I can’t wait until they re-design it. The infotainment is garbage compared to MB, Volvo etc. even after the refresh in 2017. The driving dynamics could be smoother. But bang for the buck, it’s a good family hauler for those who are minivan-averse. I also recommend the AWD versus FWD.



Thanks all! Really good info. It seems like I’ll have to bring a couple car seats to the dealership and see how it works. :slight_smile:



i have one infant car seat and one convertible. infant car seat is in the center and the convertible on passenger side since that one slides forward and down with car seat in place. my friends - ranging from 5’3 to 5’11 have sat in 3rd row without issues with car seat in. good thing is, since 2nd row has car seats it can slide forward making good room for 3rd row passenger. best is to try them at dealership. even Traverse has good space so that should be a good option. Captain seats in Traverse folds down with car seat but not the bench seat version.

QX60 is extremely VFM save for infotainment and okish performance. especially interior wise. currently hunting for a good 7-seater for friend and he keeps coming back to QX60 each time we test drive anything else. So far MDX, Pilot, Pathfinder, Atlas have been ruled out. Traverse is in the running along with QX60.