Commuter options, 18k miles a year

Hey all, never leased before so I’m new to this world. Been doing a bunch of research, but was curious what the community thought about a higher milage commuter.

Things I Need:

  • Automatic Transmission
  • Above 30MPG
  • Under ~$275 a month

Things I Want:

  • some form of adaptive cruise
  • Android Auto

Options I’m currently considering:

  • Purchase of 2018 Corolla LE - (Currently a $2,000 cash back, no Android Auto, no concern over milage)
  • Lease of 2018 Corolla LE - ($1,200 lease cash, no android auto)
  • Lease of 2019 Jetta S - (Overall I like the car better, Android Auto, but no Adaptive Cruise)

I’m open to most any suggestions at this point, just trying to get a feel for what people think of my considerations, and what I’m looking for.

You might want to buy a VW GTI. 18k miles a year is a lot for a lease.

Get an '18 Jetta before they are gone, why buy a GTI, you’d be upside down and would cost allot more. The Jetta would be under warranty the whole time too. '19 Jetta you’ll have to wait to get to that price point.

What’s the upside to buying a GTI vs something else? Just curious why you’d suggest buying one.

The high milage on a lease is one of the major reasons I was looking for input, I know it’s not super high compared to some of the requests on here, but it’s higher than standard offerings.

I was mostly looking at the 19 Jettas because I like their body style better, and they’ve got slightly improved gas milage.

I also noticed I put the wrong payment in, I put in what i was looking at with a down payment, but that was before I read on here that you should avoid down payments if possible.

I’m looking to be under ~$275

Oh I guess the GTI would be a little out of your price range, I just recommended it because Volkswagen usually discounts them well and they are excellent cars. A Golf would be a good choice though. I believe Android auto is standard on them, and you can get them pretty cheap. They also come with a 6 year warranty. For example, here’s some really cheap ones:

If you lease a VW the current warranty setup is really good and should last you the length of the lease. Not sure what over mileage is on one of their leases though, or if you could do a higher mileage lease to avoid penalties later.

I’d also recommend getting a used Prius if all you need is to get from A to B as they hold their value and you likely won’t have any issues for many years. I don’t know if you could get a purchase on a decent one for under $275/mo though, but the overall cost may be less 3 years down the road.

I’m clocking about 20,000 miles a year right now. That’s why I recently bought a Prius Prime as a primary. The returns are better if you purchase in this high mile situation- but if you don’t have the capital I would recommend financing and look for promotional rates. Sometimes it’s 0% or 0.9%.

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I almost decided to do this. FYI OP you can get a used 2017 Prius Prime for low 20s if you opt for the base model with about 20 - 30k miles on it. They actually pop up here in LA fairly regularly.

I was looking at a fusion se 18k a year in May. Payment was 280 a month. Sign and drive. Highway mileage is good in the 1.5l

Jeep Compass Latitude could be an options as well

Thanks for the input. I’ll have to look into the Golfs.

The warranty on the Jetta was the big reason I was considering it.

I test drove a prius and just really didn’t like the way it handled/felt so I decided against it.

I’ll have to look into that, could be right on the edge but might be a good option to consider.

I’ll have to look into those, looks like their current lease deal if for people currently leasing a competitor but the price might be where I can get a decent monthly payment out of it.

Lol same. It gets the job done relatively comfortably, but I’d rather spend a bit more on gas and depreciation on something I like a bit more.

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I’m almost picking up a Buick Encore Preferred to meet the same objectives actually even more demanding - over 30k Miles/ yr. $15k selling price on a MSRP of over $25k. Apple car play and cruise control included as standard equipment. Hv you considered that agdt a corolla

Wow, what got the cost so low for you? Are you just purchasing it out right?

I’m not sure what you’re trying to say here?

“have you considered that against a corolla”

Ahh. I was thinking agdt was an acronym I had never heard.

Looking at it, that’s a great deal on the car, but it doesn’t have the adaptive cruise control that i’m looking for.

tried to get you there on the volt, but the premier fully loaded is the only one w/ adaptive cruise and it was 2k down (that you get back in CA) 370 incl tax on 36/18k. :frowning:
malibu premier was higher.

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Thank you for clarifying on my behalf