Comments needed on this 2020 Audi Q3 lease offer please


Called up my local Audi dealer to test drive a Q3, which I am interested in. Was not there to deal, just test drive, but asked them to send me initial lease offer for 36/12 and 36/10 as a starting point. Besides the obvious “nitrofill” add on, what else should I ask them to provide? Does anyone have the mf and residual for this vehicle in 01982 so I can run the calculator? I’m also attaching the invoice for the vehicle they sent me. Are they really selling these at invoice? I’m thinking a steeper discount is in order here but maybe I am wrong. Thanks for any help!!!

Edmunds is the source for RV/MF/Incentives. With that said, if they’re sitting at an effective $700/mo on a Q3, you’re probably wasting your time with them all together with this dealer. I don’t see this deal improving enough to make sense.

Invoice is pretty much a made up number these days and largely irrelevant. I’d be willing to bet that they’re marking the mf on this WAY up and more than making up for any discount they’re giving.

Thanks. I’m not afraid to make them an offer they might refuse. Couple questions though on their calc sheet, what is the $80.80 tax based on and is it normal to charge for an inspection sticker? Thought that was part of the deal usually?

Using a 0.00122 mf and 57% residual from what I got from edmunds, and assuming a 7% discount off MSRP my lease should be in the $588 range. Am I missing anything?

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The $80.80 tax and inspection sticker is the least of your worries, I wouldn’t worry about that. Overall you have a total of ~$240 in upfront tax/inspection/title/registration, which isn’t out of line.

A quick Google search should tell you all you need to know re: upfront taxes and gov’t fees to be expected when buying a car in MA.

Your biggest issue is a paltry 4.8% discount and the fact that Q3’s don’t lease well in general. Plugging those numbers into the calculator I’m within $5 of the dealer quote.

Research other Q3 deals on here then counter back with whatever discount you’re seeing as “good” plus removing the Nitrofill.

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Why don’t you do some basic research first. I find your post and question almost insulting.

There’s very little discount, but I can see the obvious sales pitch of “We are selling it to you at our cost!” We have seen quite a few Q3s pop into the forum these days, and none of them being good by any measure these days.

If you are looking for a vehicle in the compact SUV segment, XC40s are almost half the price (look at brokers). If you really want the Audi, discount should be in the 10-12% range and negotiate base MF.

With your target deal, you’re at an effective $630/mo for a q3. There is nothing about the q3 that justifies that much money. Hell, there have been SQ5s on here for that.

I would be very surprised to see a Q3 lease well. Might want to look at other cars.

Likewise so your welcome

Thanks for your helpful response.