Colorado ZR2 deal?

Hello hackers,
Looking at a Chevy Colorado ZR2 locally listed for $326 / month with $0 down for 42 months, or $3k down $238 / month for 24 months, each with 10k miles. This is what the dealership is advertising locally. From what I can see, the 42-month term is a pretty good deal? I know that I would want to avoid 42 months, and would instead go for 24 or 36. I’m sure I could work on the numbers a little bit, but does this seem decent so far?

If it’s an advertised special, it’s probably pretty crappy.

How does it compare against the target deal you put together using the current lease program information you got from edmunds and assumptions about pre-incentive discounts from researched deals?

What year? Dealerships now have the new 2021

So a decent deal on both the Colorado and canyon are for sure possible.

2020, I prefer the 20, don’t like the newer styling of the 21.

I reached out to them to get the specifics, but haven’t heard back in a few days… :thinking: