Colorado Deals!

As Coloradans know, it’s tough to score a good deal in-state. Dealers won’t even come close to the CA/NY/NJ/FL pricing that is common to see on here.

So what are some good deals Coloradans are getting? I heard about a $125/mo i3 deal that I would love to get myself.

There’s a button at the top of the page that looks like a magnifying glass. Press it.

Next, type “colorado” in the text box…

Third, select the “Sort by” drop-down, and choose Latest Post or Latest Topic.

You’ll have to cycle through items regarding the Chevy Colorado, but you should find what you’re looking for.


I’ve tried that, but like you posted, virtually all of the posts are about Chevy Colorados. There have been very few posts from those of us in flyover states recently. Thanks for the post though!

Ex-loaner BMWs seem to be the best. I’ve not had much luck with anything else. You’d think EVs would be great with our state incentive, but most dealers seem to use it as an excuse for smaller dealership discounts.

Appreciate the reply. I’ve been appalled by the lease deals on Bolts and Volts, I am routinely quote worse-than-national lease deals here in Colorado even when I inform them of which rebates I qualify for. It sucks.

If anyone is able to score a good lease deal in the state of Colorado, particularly on EVs, lemme know…

Yeah you would think with the $2500 Colorado EV rebate now being applicable at delivery, EV and PHEV deals would get better but I think our problem here in Colorado is the lack of EV and PHEV cars in dealer stock.