Clearance Deal! 2019 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab Sport Manual Trans v6 4x4 $205/mo + tax/tags, $175/mo w/MSDs | 24/12 Lease | All states | Pick up in Philly | Auto trans sport from $245/mo (no msds)



Please read my whole add, 99% of questions have been answered, before messaging me. Pricing is based off a $36,500 msrp Sport Double cab 4x4 MT. Automatic trans sport leases from $245/mo for 24/12. When messaging I need your zip, type of Tacoma you want, miles per year, and approx credit score. Also my quotes are non negotiable, as is my fee.

Insane deals on Tacoma due to my dealers high discount and high residuals. These deals start around $175/mo with just your first payment due at signing and msds. Without msds deals start at $205/mo with just first payment down. Tax,tags and dealer doc fee not included. Can be paid upfront or rolled into the monthly payment.

New grad and military incentives can be added!!!

Free maintenence from any Toyota dealer for 2 years 25,000 miles. You can also return it to any Toyota dealer, you just have to pick up from my dealer outside of philly.

Pick up outside of philly, or arrange your own shipping. I have about 50 tacomas in stock. If you want to special order one it will be an extra $250.

My fee is a flat rate $500 through venmo or $525 through PayPal.

The dealer can get credit approved as low as 650 for this deal. Gap insurance is required on this deal. Gap is $495 and discounted from $900. You can also get it through your insurance co. For much cheaper. NY clients CANNOT use MSDs.

Check out my listings for other Toyota deals as well. Tundras from $250/mo

Text me for more information or to order one of these! If you want to set up a phone call text to do that also.



Anything on AT’s or only Manual? What do the deals look like on TRD Sport/Off Road Tundras?


Search “tundra” for my tundra lease deals. Auto trans sports are inexpensive but the dealer isn’t trying to clear them out. Feel free to text me for a quote.



Low residual = good deal?


What a knee slapper of a typo! I haven’t laughed out loud like that in years…


If the trd sport manual is 175/month with msds, how much for same vehicle in auto?


The dealer has a lot of manuals and is clearing them out. I’ll list the base price for the sport auto today when I get it.


If you are on the fence about buying a Tacoma or a Tundra do it. These deals will not last long, I did not need a vehicle for another 6 months but getting a Tundra for 300 bucks or Tacoma for 200 is a gift. Other dealers are almost double that. Plus the whole process was a breeze with being at the dealer for 45 min or less with out any kind of bump or upsale. Thanks Jim.


$245/mo 24/12 is the lowest pricing on the sport auto. The bank doesn’t allow msds on this.


Did you find the base price for the sport auto?


$245 but through usbank. The MF is terrible through TFS on the auto


I don’t have anymore sports at these prices. If anyone backs out I’ll post again. Mods can close this one up

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