Civic or Corolla - Need Help

Hi everyone. Hopefully a quick question. My Stepson is in need of a car and he’s looking at leasing a new base model Civic or Corolla. He’s hoping he can stay in the $180 range with nothing down or I believe he said he can go up to $1,200 down. 15k miles would be preferable. Is this even possible right now? He lives in the Saint Louis County area (63122). Any answer or advice on how to figure this out would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

do you qualify for honda loyalty by having a 2009 or newer honda in your household? if so you can have accord base model near same price as civic. I dont know if this is true for your regional area. But this is the deal on the east coast at least.

Def recommend civic/accord > corolla

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Thank you for the responses. Unfortunately we do not have a newer Honda. We have Nissan’s currently.

So this is what they’re offering my Stepson for $308.59 a month with 2k down. This seems insanely high. Any thoughts?

Updated. Still seems high with 2k down.