Chrysler Pacifica Limited with S Package (Michigan)

I am looking into a Chrysler Pacifica Limited with the S package. I have attached a dealer quote on received today. The dealer refused to show me how the payment was being calculated despite the fact I asked to see the MF and adjusted cap cost etc. I will be going to another dealer obviously

. But my main question is Is this what top trim minivans go for? I have searched the forum and saw Odysseys numbers in the low 500’s. Mainly just looking to see if I should really pursue the minivan option or just go down the route of an XC 90 like everyone else :slight_smile: Thank you!

Pretty much yes. All the vans have horrific residuals in top trim.

If you’re set on a top trim van I’d buy used. If you just need 3 rows and still ‘need’ top trim I’d go MDX, XC90 etc.

Odyssey Elites will go for around the same, mid 500 to 600.

The problem with the quote you got as you said, it doesn’t seem to include any discount. The Pacifica has woeful residuals, so even with good incentives, you’d have to get a ton more off before rebates to make it a respectable hack.

One advantage you may have, the Pacificas aren’t exactly flying off lots. If you can get a dealer to play ball on a unit that’s been sitting a while, they are hackable with some patience.

I am getting in market too and in SE Michigan too. I am undecided between TL+ or Limited. Currently we have a Touring L, and can see a few things worth upgrading for. Did you get a good deal from anyone around here?

With all the bait and switches and > 600 dollar payments with the Pacifica we went a different route. We switched to a three row SUV search.