Chrysler Employee Discount

Can anyone provide insight in how the chrysler employee discount works? A friend of mine looking for a jeep has a friend that works for chrysler. He told my friend that he can generate a control number to use for his next lease. I am trying to get an idea how much the discount is for a Grand Cherokee and such. Is it really worth it that discount? How many of these controls numbers can be generated. Any help, is greatly appreciated.

Friend discount is 1% under invoice for most vehicles and employee discount for immediate family is 5% under invoice. Employees get six codes per calendar year.

Thank you. I appreciate it. Does not sound like a great discount for a friend. Last month my dealer was willing to go 3000 (46k msrp) under invoice to cover the last 4 months of my wifes jeep and give same payment so they could hit their bonus. But I guess it does take away the negotiation part of things. I guess you can stack rebates on top of that.

You are welcome. It’s really best used on some of the models where you normally get very little discount, like the Wranglers. You are right that on a lot of other models, you can negotiate a better discount.

Your dealer may have had access to some sort of lease pull ahead program which allowed them to go that low. As has already been mentioned, these “friend” discount programs typically don’t save you much unless it is a new model or one that isn’t regularly discounted. It potentially eliminates the hassle factor of negotiation, but I would always worry how much I was leaving on the table.

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