Chrysler Capital Contract unwind 7 Months Later

Leased a RAM 1500 from a dealership out of Kentucky. Dealership filed DMV registration paperwork incorrectly and title never got released to Chrysler Capital. Dealership keeps telling me that it is my responsibility to get the vehicle inspections completed and file paperwork with the DMV. Dealership sent an email yesterday stating “ I have been informed by Chrysler Capital it will be repossessed if the lien is not perfected.” After I received this email I spoke with Chrysler Capital and they stated it would not be a repossession, but a contract unwind. I have been going back and for with them about who should be responsible for getting the car registered. Has anyone had this happen to them? Also I am located in California.

So the state possesses the MSO and there has possibly been no title created. Do you know exactly what the issue is?

I’m also shocked this has went on for 7 months. Have you been running on expired temps?

I believe the title was created but not released. I have actually been driving around with no plates. The dealer shipped the car with some Kentucky Temp Plates, but I never put them on because I assumed I would be getting the CA plates within a few days, but never did

You need to do the VIN inspection and smog, then goto the Van Nuys DMV to finish the registration.


Everything said here. CA requires the physical/in-person inspections if the vehicle is from out-of-state, even if it technically is new. An out-of-state dealer or registration runner won’t be able to do anything about this.

Will this RAM pass California inspections? I know on the TRX some were built for CA.

When I leased a new vehicle from an out of state dealer, I was given instructions by the selling dealer that I had to get a TX inspection done on the vehicle as soon as possible. Then overnight the original inspection form back to the selling dealer so that they could forward all of the required docs to state of TX to get registration/title completed.

OP, have you completed all of the things listed on the form you posted?

Unless something has changed, I think it’s the other way around: I couldn’t do the Vin inspection with the DMV until the smog check was done and sent electronically to DMV to create a record for it. Smog has no dependency, and vin inspection and finalization can both be done at the same dmv, same day. At mine you just get in line for the inspection.

There was no possible way the selling dealer could’ve done this for OP - surprised they let it go on this long.

I just need to do the CHP inspection. This was my first time leasing a car from an out of state dealer and didn’t it would be this much of pain.

CHP inspection? Why? Just goto the DMV to get the VIN inspection.

Are you sure you don’t need to get a smog test too?

Got the Smog done

Yup… I learnt that lesson with my first CA out-of-state purchase… can bitch and moan all day about it but just sucked it up and got it done ASAP.

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Just drive up to the DMV where they do the TEST DRIVES, one lane is for VIN inspections and you will be done in 5 minutes :+1: then go inside and finish the paperwork

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Won’t the OP also be responsible for all the registration fees? In MD they hit you for 6% of value when registered. What happens in CA?

Isn’t that tax?

Anyway whatever wasn’t collected at POS is due at the DMV. Pay earlier or pay later, gotta pay.

Yep-seems like he owes $947 according to his posted photo of DMV printout, which is about right for CA and MSRP of vehicle. CA doesn’t tax the whole car but on the monthly payments only for leases

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Yes and likely again in ~5 months