Chinese Auto Manufacturers

After Bjorn’s review (My favorite EV YouTuber), the BYD Tang is something that’s caught my eye. It is the latest EV from BYD, a Chinese auto manufacturer. They have also released a version called the Denza X which is styled and built in partnership with Mercedes Benz (yes that one). While the vehicle has some flaws (high beam headlights being one) and some concerns I wanted to poll the community.

With a real-world range similar to a Mustang Mach E GT, and a seven-seater capacity, it’s a potential player in the field of large electric SUVs.

I wanted to at least semi-gauge LHs opinion about these vehicles, even though they are not currently sold in the USA (but are sold in the EU and more).

  • Would purchase a Chinese-designed or manufactured vehicle
  • Would not purchase a Chinese-designed or manufactured vehicle
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My pick from the current crop of Chinese battery electric vehicles would undoubtedly be the Ora Funky (née Good) Cat. Retro-inspired styling penned by an ex-Porsche designer and an inviting interior offered with a creative color palette, coupled with a healthy boost in driving range, would make the perfect replacement for my Mini. I especially have faith in the product considering that BMW is working with Ora’s parent company―Great Wall Motors (GWM)―to develop the next electric Mini. In a way, this car takes what made the original Mini reboot desirable, and transforms it into a compelling package for the next decade. Looks like GWM themselves have strong ambitions for this car as well, having expanded sales into the UK, with Germany to come next.


I want to see their IIHS ratings first.


Sandy has been really stoked about the GWM models he’s been seeing…he was over in europe where they’ve been debuting, and he says they’re advanced contenders, and USA better look out, they’d sell like hot cakes as is.

I saw one last time around DTLA (without a plate…)

This right here. I don’t believe building/designing an EV is challenging, especially with off-the-shelf batteries and probably motors. Building a vehicle to meet strict crash standards is another matter altogether.