Chicagoland Accord Leases

Hi Hackr’s,

I’ve been browsing around for some Accord lease deals, 2.0t mostly, but haven’t found really ANY below $390. I’ve seen people on here get them in the 250-350 range, but have all been from either the west or east coast. Has anyone here gotten a decent deal in the Chicago area?

Thanks all.

Accord is quite difficult to find a deal on.

Is your tax rate something obscene like 18%?

10%, but downtown is more. I live in the burbs about 30 minutes from Chicago.

Reach out to @ralphsaphony and he can hook you up. He has some really good deals

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If you live in Chicago proper (city of Chicago not just downtown) the City implements a usage tax on leases.

So you have your 9.5% tax for Chicago in Cook county. Then Chicago charges an additional 8% lol.

Regular suburbs are 7.25-9.25%

UPDATE: I was offered $330 DAS, $330 monthly payment, by 2 dealers for 36/12 on the 2.0T EX-L w/o Navi.

The 2.0T w/ Navi was quoted at $385. Anyone in the Midwest ever get a deal like this?