Chevy Volt LT lease - $109

A local dealer is advertising a $109 / mo lease on a '16 Volt LT. The little info I have so far is that it’s for a 36/10 with 1st months payment and DMV fees due at signing. I asked for all the lease numbers before I go in to check it out.

What are your initial thoughts? This is in OR so no sales tax.

Wow! That is a lot of car for the money if no down.

Confirmed with the dealt there’s no money down, just DMV fees and first month payment. Guess I bette go check it out.

And that would be whereeeeeeeeeeeeer?

Turns out the sales rep I was emailing back and forth with had their specials mixed up. I thought it sounded a little too good to be true, and apparently it was. Even though their marketing email AND multiple communications back and forth with this rep indicated it was $109 w/ no money down, miraculously that was only for the Spark EV and not the Volt, which wasn’t what the email said nor what I was told. I guess they need to fact check their marketing campaigns a little better in the future.

McGloughlin Chevy in Gladstone, OR.