Chevy Volt LT CA deal that I leased

Wanted to share love and get feedback from hackers. I just bought a Chevy Volt and here are the details:.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim:
2018, Chevt, Volt LT

MSRP: $ $34295
Selling Price: $ $30295
Monthly Payment: $ $247 + Tax (This is my first lease from GM so they didn’t offer me $500 rebate for existing customers)
Down Payment: $ $2000 ( They told me that I can get a rebate of $1500 from CA and $500 from PGE)
**MSD: **
Incentives: $5670.47 ($2900 from GM, $2500 CCR, $270 SEL)

Months: 36 months
Annual Mileage: 10K miles per year
MF: 0.00088
Residual: 47%

Zip Code: 94568
Leasehackr Score: No Idea

They also sold me Excess Wear and Tear insurance for $525. I was wondering that is worth or make any sense to have it.


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I would personally pass on the excess wear and tear protection.

Why does your header say purchase?

Corrected. Thanks for clarifying. Excess Wear and Tear not worth? They said it covers 1600 extra miles and wear and tear + Tires.

Well, I was going to say that it’s not that great of a deal because the national offer was $270/mo with zero down (with competitive lease), but Chevy seems to have taken that one off their website. Now it’s $299/mo with $2779 down (with competitive lease). And I had two salespeople telling me to wait for better deals in June. I ended up getting a 2018 VW Tiguan for 0 down and $199/mo - seems like a much better deal for me since I don’t drive a lot anyways. My last lease was the 2015 Spark EV for $137/mo, 0 down and $2500 back from the state.

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If it really covers tires, it’s totally worth it. I had to replace tires for both my wife’s Acura and my Spark EV because they’re pretty strict on the tires for lease returns. The Acura was $800 at Costco and $350 for the Spark EV from

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Got a deal on a Volt LT - Leather, Comfort Package, Bose, 36 months, 12K. One pay $10,500. Had a GM credit card incentive - $3616, bringing it down to $6884. Now take off the $1500 (California rebate) and Edison $450 and it comes down to $4934 or $137/month. Now if I could figure out a way (add mother to the dependents would work) to get the increased California incentive (below certain income), it will add another $2000 rebate. The total would be $2934 or $81.50/month. Going electric can save me a $100 in gas per month, and I am styling - -$20/month.

Did business with Chad (Manager) at Community Chevy in Burbank California. Great guy, great dealership. No BS. Tell him that Greg sent you.

I already reviewed this and just wondering if this is worth? Whats your thoughts since you are registered dealer/broker.

Would you be able to expand on GM Credit Card Incentives? Also, if you could add your mother as dependents, how rebate will come down further? Could you please help in understanding? :slight_smile:

Would you please share which dealer you got the Tiguan? Thanks.

I sent you a PM, but for others that are interested - and the guy I worked with was @rubbergash

Sure. I have a GM credit card that offers incentives. They usually only give me a 2K bonus every year in addition to the credits I have earned, and they usually only do it once per year. They offered the regular 2K in the beginning of the year and then they offered a 3K one. 3K was just too good to pass up.

Thanks. I just got car 3 days ago. Did you already had a GM card before your lease or they can do retroactively?

I added the XS to my previous 2 SparksEV for $500 each.
When I returned them, one of them got hit with a $250 bill for excess mileage, and the other one about $220 for worn out front tires. Of course nobody can predict the future, but it would have been cheaper just to pay the penalty.

and to add salt to the wound, GM covered those charges since I leased another vehicle.