Chevy Volt 2017 LT Lease

Shopping around for a 2017 Chevy Volt LT lease and got $1200 down with $228 a month including taxes in CA. Mileage is 15000/year with 51% residual. Is this a good deal or any more room for negotiation?

Pretty good for 15k miles but try to push for no money down.

Residual for 15k should be 48%

I was able to push it down to $210 a month with $1200 down for 15k/36mos and 51% residual. Should I go for it?

are other target incentive include in your quote( like lease conquest incentive,farm bureau)?

Dont think so. I tried for the Chevy Private offer $1000 and I didnt get the popup.

It usually happens in the last two weeks of the month. If you’re not in a rush, you can tell them you’ll think about it and just wait another week to see if you can get the offer or if they come down even more.

They came down to $1000 down and $200/month on 15k, 36mos.

Well that was fast!

Up to you if you want to take the offer or wait a week and try and get the Chevy coupon.

is the 1000 down part of the drive off(tax,fee,licence)? how much is the drive off?

The guy screwed up on mileage. Final quote I have is 1200 drive off w 210 a month.

Depends on how much you drive. Try push them to 200 and 15k miles, that would be a good deal.

mind telling me what dealership in CA? apparently i suck at negotiating.

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So, is 1200 drive off, and 210 plus taxes is the final rate for 15K miles?

New user, very interested in this Volt conversation. I am in Orange County, CA…hoping to pull the trigger on a Volt lease 15K miles. Question, would the premier version have better resale rate ( less deprecation ) and that becomes a consideration…or am I just trying to talk myself into higher lease rate for premier package?

Residuals are actually worse on Premier. :frowning: Here are the numbers:

2017 Volt Premier
36/10K: 50% residual, .00060 MF
All: $6,485 lease cash + first month’s payment credit

2017 Volt LT
36/10K: 51% residual, .00040 MF
All: $6,860 lease cash + first month’s payment credit

As for targeted incentives, there’s $500 loyalty/lease conquest cash (or $1,000 Private Offer if you’re lucky), which can be stacked with $500 Farm Bureau incentive.

About $4,000 off MSRP before incentives seems perfectly doable in So Cal.

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Could you please share the drive off (approx 1000) and 200 per month for 15K miles? Is that reasonable in CA?

Boom! Thats the kind of info I was looking for. Thank you. I am gonna work on that private offer

I just leased a Volt LT in Nor-Cal.

Top of my mind, here are the numbers

MSRP - ~$35k
Discount - $31700
Rebates - $7400
MF - 0.96% APR (Forgot the actual MF. It was around 0.00040 IIRC)
Drive off - $600
Monthly - $220 + tax (~$240/mo)
36 months - 12k miles

Will get $1500 in CA Rebates. So effectively around $198/mo.

Hi Vatakle, Can you please share with me the dealer/agent info? I am located in San Jose, CA.