Chevy Traverse RV/MF/Lease incentives

Chevy Traverse 1LT, 2LT
24 months, 15K miles

2017 Traverse 1LT
24/15K: 65% RV, .00107 MF

2017 Traverse 2LT
24/15K: 63% RV, .00107 MF

All: $900 lease cash + $1,500 incremental cash

Targeted: $3,000 Asian lease conquest, $1,500 competitive lease, or $500 lease loyalty, plus $500 Farm Bureau

I highly recommend Freeland Chevy if you haven’t visited them yet. No doc fee already saves about $500 compared to other dealers.

Thank you Michael!

Thank you Humphrey as well - I’ll check out their website.

Any other incentives offered besides bonus tag and competitor cash? Also, I’m guessing a 24/10k would be 67% residual?


Hello, would it be possible to get the 3yr info too please? Thanks. @michael

Anyone aware of dealers offering big discounts off msrp on Traverse (w/o consideration of incentives). Preferably southeast.

Does anyone have the RV/MF for the 2017 1LT Traverse, AWD and FWD if different? Looking for either 36/15 or 24/15 in zip code 08619. Any current incentives that can be applied would be very helpful too. Thanks!