Chevy Traverse Premiere


Hi guys, this is my first time posting so here it goes: I’m currently driving a 2017 CX-9 with two more payments left (it’s a lease). I’ve done my research and the vehicle that suits my family right now is this one (Traverse). Now I want to know what is a good deal if I want to lease it for 36/12 with minimum DAS. I would appreciate your input and thank you.

That’s not how this place works.

Go and gather RV/MF/incentive information and look at previous traverse deals to determine a target pre-incentive discount based on other deals. Plug those into the LH calculator and you should have a good idea of what this will lease for in your circumstance.


There’s really not a lot of post for Traverse deals here.

Then get some quotes and post them here, I assume you’ve already got the residual and MF/incentives from edmunds?

I did, I’m going tomorrow for a test drive (by myself) then I’ll get pricing info.

Well don’t get numbers while you’re there, you should have at least 4 or 5 quotes online from the get go

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This is the worksheet form the dealer, I feel l can do much better.

Um yeah. Please don’t post every lease sheet you get with a 2.7% discount.

Every GM thread says the same thing. You need to research RV/MF/rebates for each trim, find which one is leasing the best, and shoot for 10-12% off on new or 14-16% off on a demo.

Also look at the Acadia. It may lease better and it’s much nicer.


I approve this message :grinning:


I agree with everything you mentioned except the Acadia. It’s so much smaller than the Traverse (I’m guessing space is the primary motivation)


Derp you’re right I keep forgetting that they’re not twins anymore and the Traverse is much bigger.

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Funny enough, I just spent my weekly 10 minutes on Facebook, and a HS friend who bought a 2018 Traverse new is raging that the second replacement transmission is dead and it needs a third.

The Acadia/Terrain/Traverse are all lost on me, especially at 2.7% off. If I’m going to be that miserable, I at least want dopamine fix when the tiny lease payment hits every month.

Yep. Space is the main motivator. That’s the only reason I’m looking at a Chevy, I love my CX9 but is just not big enough and a minivan is out of the question

Is a Palisade large enough?

That is XT6 money

Take a look at the XT6. I’m not sure your region (I’m in TX) but I just signed a 36/10 on a well equipped 2020 Premier Luxury XT6 with an MSRP of $59,310, $0 DAS, and my first payment made by the dealer for $494/mo. Now it was an executive demo with 2,300 miles on it, but the car looked and smelled new.

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You’ve posted this in two threads now - care to share a full lease breakdown? Spouting monthy payments doesn’t really help anybody when taxes/incentives/fees/etc are different in different regions.


The MSRP was $59310, and the sale price before discounts was $53449 (9.9% off MSRP). I know the capitalized cost reduction was 4500. I don’t have an itemized breakdown, but off the top of my head I know it included lease loyalty, first responder, and additional discounts because the car was a demo (not sure if I’m missing anything else). Also, I didn’t bother to explain this when I first mentioned my deal, but they are cutting me a check of $580 to pay my last two lease payments on our Equinox that is due to be turned-in in August (the car to be replaced by this one). Ultimately this affected my monthly payment by roughly $16/mo. In other words, my actual payment is $510/mo.- not $494. I excluding this information initially to keep my explanation less confusing. I am stopping into the dealership tomorrow to pick up the check. I’d be happy to ask the salesman then for additional info to provide more detailed information here. I hope this helps!

You should have a signed copy of the lease contract. Also they should be paying GMF, not you - kinda weird.

Anyway on a Cadillac demo I’d want to be at least 14-16% off.

Did you get a tax credit? You said Texas right?