Chevy Malibu Limited LT lease

Hi Michael,

Do you know when the $4085 in lease incentive on the 2016 Malibu Limited LT expires? A dealer told me Monday (4/18) but wanted to double check.

Also, whats the residual on the car for a 24 month, 10K miles per year lease? I was under the impression it was 62% but one dealer quoted me a higher 63%, while others have said 62%.


$4,085 GM Financial lease cash valid through May 2, 2016.

24/10K lease: 62% residual, .00040 MF

The dealer who quoted 63% likely made a mistake. With GM Financial, the adjustment from 15K/year to 10K/year is +2% on a 24-month lease, rather than the +3% for a 36-month lease.


is the $4085 comprised of different incentives or a straight up $4085 lease cash?

The big malibu thread hasn’t had any recent activity, has anybody gotten a good deal on a Malibu in April?


$4,085 is standard lease cash. Anything else is gravy!

@adamcar anything else meaning discount off MSRP or any other incentives?


Dealer discount
$1500 - GM Competitive Lease Conquest Private Offer
$500 - American Farm Bureau Member Special Offer
$500 - GM Lease Loyalty Private Offer
Any internet private offer
GM Card Cash points.

The farm bureau and one private offer may be stcked.
The GM card points can be stacked on top of any deal.