Chevy/GM Lease Return Question


I currently have a 2017 Equinox that Im leasing with GM Financial and the lease matures in April 2019.

I am looking to trade it in early and re-lease a new 2019 Equinox.

Does GM have one those programs where they’ll waive the last 3 payments if you re-lease another GM product, or will I have to negotiate a trade in with the stealer?

Im not too concerned as the payment is only $180 a month, but wouldn’t want the dealer trying to roll in $540 ($180x3) into the new lease if such trade in program does exist.

Also, I qualify for GM’s supplier pricing (as I can get it as a perk thru work). Is this the lowest price they can go, or some BS sales price like tru-car or something else?

what is a realistic discount off MSRP on a 2019 Equinox? (Prior to incentives)
15%, 20% off?

Any input from you Chevy or GM gurus would be appreciated…


You have to be on the manifest list to take advantage of this. Nobody knows how you get on this list…it’s the most secret thing in the industry apparently. Your dealership or GM customer support can tell you if you’re on it.

You can do better than supplier if you can negotiate. Supplier isn’t a gimmick like Truecar per se, but it’s no where near as good as it used to be, as GM has brought their MSRPs down closer to invoice pricing. As an Example, a base Equinox is about 4% off with Supplier. You should be able to negotiate 8-10% off on your own. 15-20% off isn’t going to happen unless by chance you get the deal of a lifetime from a dealership looking to hit a number. Even then, it’s a stretch.


gotcha, thanks dude…


I’m almost positive that they have a pull ahead right now. My sister got out of her traverse 3 months early last week due to being over miles… and got another traverse. Shouldn’t affect your negotiation as it’s a GM supported program so doesn’t impact the dealer in any negative way.


The pull-ahead is not going on for everyone. You must be on the manifest list to qualify. You would receive a letter from GM as well. Outside of that, they are rolling payments into the new lease.

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We have a gmc with May 15, 2019 return date. Got my pull ahead email offer in October and November. 1st I got an email, then a card in the mail 2 days later…it is always good til end of that month. According to the dealer there is no way of knowing if you will stay on the list monthly, or go on then off the list. But I got it 2 mos in a row so far.

It is 4 months of payments, up to $2500 and $1500 off next new car lease.

We really want out of GM so we haven’t done it. We replaced tires planning to keep til end of April at least. But I’m about 300 miles until I start paying overages


Mp14177 is right. Spoke with a dealer yesterday and and told him about the GM pull ahead pretending like it was given to everyone and he asked “how do you know you’re on the list” well he checked the VIN on my current truck (2017 Equinox) and he said I wasn’t on it.

He did say if I came in to talk he would wipe out the 3 payments but I feel like hes just going to add that money back in somewhere. If there’s no pull ahead program the dealer is not just going to eat those remaining payments.

I’m not a big fan of GM but their leases are so cheap and love how they have that 2yr program. My wife couldn’t care what she drives. Shes happy she gets a new truck every 2yrs.

Well see, if anything I’ll just wait till March to trade it in.


He’ll probably give you less discount on the new one to offset this, theoretically “wiping” those payments away.

He aint giving it to you for free…that’s for sure + you’re correct there.


Not sure how it is in other regions currently, but the GMC Terrains currently has $5250 in rebates available. Not sure if that is enough to entice you to get out of your current lease early.


What’s the breakdown on that, and what region are you in? In PA, there’s 1750 in GMF CCR + 1500 Loyalty or competitive lease. NY has a little more money to play with depending on what part of NY, but not 5250 worth.


I didn’t get a full breakdown, but I believe its 3k Bonus cash, 1500 loyalty and 500 customer cash.


what region?


Western NY.