Chevy equinox 2020 Awd lt

Thoughts on the following.

Chevy equinox Awd lt with confidence and the convenience package

MSRP 32560
Rebates 3500. Loyalty or competitive

Price for 36 months is 275 with tax… 8.375 tax rate. Nothing else due at signing. Waiving first payment as well. so technically it becomes 267 x 36 months.
Plus costco 700 gift card

Looks pretty good with the Costco card coming after. Wife signed similar one last year with all those same packages for about $265 a month including MA tax of 6.25%. Ours was a 36mo/12k lease.

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People are getting ballpark similar numbers for IMO better built vehicles like the CRV and a little bit more for the Outback.

I’m seeing an AWD Equinox for $49 Lease per month/24 Month Due at inception: $995 down plus $49 1st mos. payment Total $1,044 plus tax & tags. Purchase option $19,785 - 10K Miles per yr. MSRP $29,095

Is this for real?? I’m in NY.

@littlehello Can you share where you saw this offer?

Millenium Chevrolet on Long Island but I am seeing a similar ad at most Chevy dealerships on Long Island.

@ChevyPhil @chevysalesgirl any such specials in California or is it regional to East Coast?

I’m going to call them. Something seems off or missing in that ad. This would be a good awesome. I typically don’t miss an ad like this. And I checked and Edmunds for incentives.

Quick update this is an ls awd drive. Add taxes and bank fees and dmv. Very good deal overall for 100 a month…or 1 and change if all rolled together

Where is crv and subaru deals? I haven’t seen those for 35 payments of 275


Haha yeah something seems off, showing Traverse for sub $200 a month also. I’m not sure all those incentives stack on a lease.

But if I get another Equinox for $100 a month before Costco, sign me up.

Please keep us in the loop as I am buying this month. East Hills Chevrolet of Roslyn has similar. I have Costco too but I am assuming you can’t use both.

I called something seems off slightly. 995 plus 49 x 24 months. Plus dmv and bank fee and tire and registration. They claimed on the phone to get the deal you have to have chevy lease loyalty. I asked about other Rebates and they claim no military or first responder or education nonsense. Then I asked about another trick dealers do. Is it plus their delivery. And the rep claimed its their delivery fee on top. So I think this is a trick. I went back and said the base MSRP you advertised has delivery included in its price. He said that’s chevy delivery and not ours. Lol. So ultimately some one will need to walk in there.

I’m sticking by my 275 x35 sign and drive deal for chevy equinox Awd lt with confidence as a solid deal

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Just spent a whole football Sunday at millennium Chevrolet. That ad is bs. The salesperson said 1 out of 20 will qualify and it starts with an 800+ credit rating and gets harder after that.

I had a Honda coming off lease and got the awd equinox lt with conv package for 219/mo, 39 months. Nothing down, 2k for tax tags first month and fees. I think that’s not bad. Plus the 700 costco card in about 2 months. Just make sure to register on costco auto website and get the email with auth number.

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Just curious. What else did they ask for as requirement? I have chevy lease loyalty and 800 credit score


This really is an awesome deal that you got from Millenium. Can you share a photograph of the paperwork? Do they have to agree to do the Costco? What trim did you get? Also, did you get heated seats – wouldn’t think so at that great price but just wondering. Thanks!

I have the same question. I also have the needed 800 credit score and the competititve lease. I have been texting with a salesperson through Millenium’s text feature and just confirmed with them again. The person said “Everything is stated in the ad, $1044 plus your taxes and dmv.” I’m going in this week.

keep me posted. I do not believe everything is stated in ad. B/c if it did they would say requires chevy lease loyalty. The model they advertise is the LS AWD.

The other guy and I both got the LT AWD model with convenience packages.


There is not a single leasing company that requires an 800 minimum FICO for their top tier. Usually low 7s will get you there. Be careful if they are outright lying to you from the start.

i agree…something seems fishy overall

@chevysalesgirl is this real? can be replicated in CA?

Btw that is an ls awd