Chevy Employee Discount

I’m trying to see if it’s possible to get a deal on a Traverse LT w/Convenience Package. I’m having trouble trying to orchestrate how the lease would work with the Chevy Employee Pricing. I’d obviously be looking for a dealer discount on top and to include the $750 bonus as well as competitor rebate, which I believe is $1,500.

I put this together and assumed a 10% dealer discount on top of all other discounts. I put the employee pricing discount in the untaxed incentives.

Would anybody be able to shed some light if this looks correct or how to set this up?

Also, I’m trying really hard to find a moderately equipped 7-passenger vehicle (except the Caravan or Journey or Outlander) for under $300/month with nothing up front. The QX60’s Pure’s were my best bet, but couldn’t get it done in November and can’t quite replicate it here in the Chicago suburbs. Couldn’t find any recent postings for this vehicle type either. Anyone score a deal recently?


GM/ Chevy never leases well…

Look at the Honda Pilot.

Thanks for the response. Have you seen someone lease a Pilot for under $300/month with nothing up front?


Wait, Wut?!? You’re not serious are you?

Traverse for around $300 can be had if you are in California - see @chevysalesgirl

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Pilot doesn’t lease well at all. I’ve never seen it under $350 and that one was a fluke IMHO

Please don’t spread general nonsense like this, some of the best leases on this site have been GM/Chevy products.


Maybe try @Benedetto , he might be able to help you in your area

You’re not a very good hackr if you think the Pilot leases better than a Traverse.

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Think you might be mistaken. The traverse has a higher RV and lower MF than the pilot. Not to mention the more aggressive pricing.

I have a bridge to sell you if you think a Pilot leases better than a comparable GM product

I’m not understanding…you say GM doesn’t lease well, yet recommend a GM product?


Just to give a heads up in my search process. It seems that dealers aren’t willing to go much below GM supplier pricing. I got one dealer to throw in another $1,000, but that’s it. I guess they are doing well enough without that they don’t have to discount them any further.

Even removing all the mitigating factors and moving parts attached to my deal, I’ve never seen a similarly equipped Pilot (or any Pilot) for the same numbers, or mileage as my Acadia. I might be driving one of them instead if it was possible.

I had this same experience last year. I was looking for an Equinox for my sister and the best anyone would offer was $500 below the “employee pricing”. She was eligible for their “employee pricing” anyway, so she ended up waiting until the event was over and purchasing at an even deeper discount.

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This just cracked me up. Chevy is probably one of the best cars to lease, it was so good that I ended up getting two instead of one. Honda is by far worst company to deal with in terms of leases. They always promote purchases.

I guess it depends on what you are looking for.
GMC AT4 and Chevy Trailboss is what I was looking for and they had the worst RV and super high MF.

That’s always going to be the case on some of the newer and higher end trims though, especially if they aren’t offering up any cash to make up for it.