Chevy Cruze lease numbers Oregon

First off, thanks for the service. I recently discovered this site and have learned a lot over the last few days. I’m in the market for a new car and am entertaining the idea of a lease, provided I can get a good deal on it. I don’t know if I’m doing this right, so I’m looking for some experts to weigh in on the numbers I’m getting when I use the calculator. This is what I come up with for the Chevy Cruz Limited 1LT (I’m in Oregon so no sales tax):

I saw these numbers posted the other day in a different thread.

Cruze Limited 1LT
24 mo, 10K/year
62% residual
.00040 MF
$3,455 GM Financial lease cash
$1,000 Conquest Cash
-1% for 36 mo.

When I plug those numbers in, assuming an MSRP of $19,890 for the manual and a purchase price of $18,000, I’m getting a $66 monthly payment (no tax). Is that right, or am I missing something?

Thanks for the help!

I get $60.90, so very close to you. You should add .00055 to the MF so GM will drop the $595 lease fee. It will save you a few dollars per month.

It’s actually -1% for 12,000 miles per year. The residual drops to 56% for 36/10K.

Assuming MSRP $19,890, sales price of $18,000, 24 months, 62% residual, .00095 MF (to waive $595 acquisition fee), and $4,455 in incentives, I get $75 per month (no tax).

A great deal for a new car with 0 down. You are lucky Oregon has no tax. VA charges FULL sales tax for a lease, so a $20,000 car is going to have about $700 of tax to pay over the lease. Not a deal breaker, but a damper certainly. I guess over a 36 month lease it would only be about $20 more per month, but it still stinks.

Instead of just complaining about it I’m going to write my Congressman and see if it can be changed to tax on payment, like it should be!

Awesome, thanks for the insight. How would you suggest going about getting this deal? Just walk in/email the sales manager with the numbers and ask them to replicate it? I found what I think is a pretty solid deal, but am not sure how to best approach it:

I would not waste my time emailing if the dealer is closeby, unless you want to email the online salesman if they have one. Just go in and tell the first salesman that helps you, you want to lease that car for $xxx off sticker, plus the incentives of $3,455 and $1,000 Conquest. Then check the lease figures that they compute. It is all done online, so about all they can do against you is mark up the money factor. But it sounds like you are smarter than the average consumer already, so don’t let them tell you the MF must be higher than .00095. Make sure they do not add the $595 with that MF. Dont get GAP insurance, as that is already included in GM leases.

Very cool. I’ll give it a shot! Thanks again for the help.

No dice, unfortunately. Dealer said the sales price of $17,496 was based on factory rebates and wasn’t applicable to a lease; wouldn’t budge off MSRP for the sales price. It was a good experience though and I’ll keep looking.

Are the GM lease cash , residuals and MF national?
Asking as the last offer I received was $112 / month (including tax&dealer fees) but just for the LS model with $1,000 drive-off.

I wouldn’t take a LS manual for more than 80 per month with zero down. If you become a member of farm bureau you get a $500 discount. Must be a member for 30 days. Also surf the chevrolet site trying to get a pop up. The manuals don’t move they should be more negotiable.

Also search look at inventory. Find a LS with bonus cash. Makes a difference.