Chevy Corvette Stingray Mid-Engine - Now MY 2023

Looking to purchase (maybe lease) a corvette as an additional car. Allocations are suppose to open this month for 2022 buy outs. Has anyone had any luck getting on the list for these?

So far I have seen dealers charge north of $30k over MSRP for titled 2020 demo’s that are in-stock and some dealers asking for $10-15K north for allocations although most are just happy to charge MSRP. Deposits range from $1,000, $2,000, 5% of MSRP and $10,000.

If any dealers or members have or know of allocation please chime in lets get them sold. Here a picture of my build below; what does everyone think? What does your build look like?

I hate to say it but if you are asking this question now about availability, you are probably too late. Better start calling around and putting yourself on some lists since I am sure they have unfulfilled orders from a year ago waiting for spots and new people calling everyday.

Also don’t lease it. This car will hold its value, even in this crazy market, and it would be a shame to turn it back over to Chevy.


Dealers don’t know allocations yet for MY22 but I have talked to dealers that have a range from 6 people on the list up to 300; depending on the dealer.

Find a dealer with a short list and put down a deposit. They should also be easier to come by once Chevy makes the higher performance versions too.


Just put a deposit on one. $1000 at MSRP. Last year allocation was 150 units and I am 160 in line so let’s hope. Will try to get on at least 1 or 2 more short lists If at MSRP.

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Friends don’t let friends spend Carrera S money on a Corvette. Especially a mid engine corvette tuned for under steer.


Have you seen allys residuals on these? They are sky high.

Unfortunately mf is atrocious

At a 1 or 2% mf and provided residuals stay the same, a car at sticker would be in the 5s and 6s.

I tried hard to find one early in the year but it’s just not possible to get anything on ground that was untitled and no miles.

I still would have leased one at sky high mf, held onto for a few months (until end of summer) and bought out and sold the car, unfortunately these bad boys are going for 5 figures over msrp.


My build is only $75k for a convertible.

I inquired with Trish for an in-stock unit a few weeks ago but couldn’t justify myself spending that much over MSRP. Btw, I like your color combo except black wheels. White (Pearl?) on red is my favorite color combo but gunmetal is the darkest I like for my wheels. At MSRP, this would be the best value in its class because it will depreciate next to nothing.

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Wheels are Carbon flash with machine lip. Should look sharp. I reached out to Trish before putting deposit no allo.

I have multiple dealers at MSRP for special orders if anyone needs.

Plus the $30k (or whatever) mark-up

Found a dealer that would honor MSRP for an allocation order, just have to wait for the build.

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How long is the wait?

No one knows but they’re saying 12-18 months. If you get an early allocation and the right build maybe even May.

How much do they want for deposit?

I put down $1000, other dealers range from $500 to $10k

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I put deposit down on Jan 30. Latest update from dealer is 4-5 more months until my allocation is called. I think 12 months is a reasonable expectation.


Good data point. 2 dealers wanted to sell their allocation for $10k markup…no thanks.

Definitely crazy with many willing to do MSRP and courtesy delivery to your local dealer.

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Who is doing free delivery?