Chevy Colorado Lease quote




Would someone be able to give me some advice on a lease quote I received below? This is for a 2019 Chevrolet Colorado Crew Cab Long Box 4-Wheel Drive WT. I already plan on trying to talk the money factor down, but wasn’t sure about how much I should try to negotiate the actual selling price. I told them to give me pricing without factoring in any down payments or trade ins.

Here is what the dealership sent me for a 36 month lease,10k miles per year in Indianapolis:

Gross capitalized costs: $32,000

Capitalized cost reduction: $31,356.25

Adjusted capitalized cost: $1,500(Rebate)

Residual value 69%: $22,697.55

Depreciation amount: $8,658.70

Rent charge: $123.78

Total of base payments: $389.80

Money factor: . 00229

Amount due at signing :$389.80


Rent charge is listed right there at $123.78.


Depreciation alone is $240. Add the rent charge, taxes, fees, etc and $389 sounds right with that quote


do you know if the money factor at .00229 is a reasonable rate?


Multiply by 2400 and you get an apr! If it sounds good for yout then it is! Look for the base mf on edmunds


If it is the base MF there is absolutely nothing you can do about that. All you can do is negotiate to the base rate. The dealer might be marking it up for profit


It sounds like you are asking what the MF is. Leasing 101: Go to Edmunds Forums -> Chevrolet -> 2019 Colorado -> read the thread -> query the nice gentleman there regarding the MF, RV and incentives -> question answered.


Try dsr leasing price too


DSR leasing is a sham and there has not been a single positive experience with them documented


Isn’t the MF negotiable though? I thought for leases that only the sales price and MF were the parts that could be manipulated or am I wrong?


Chevrolet Colorado Crew Cab Long Box 4-Wheel Drive WT:

36 months:
.69 RV is correct
.00229 is the base MF; GM Fin will not go lower unless you do a Single Pay lease then subtract .00073 from MF


No, the MF is not negotiable below the base rate unless you do a one pay (which many places don’t even know how to do). It sounds like you are at the base MF. Let us know how it goes.

Edit - @delta737h, yes, thank you i should have mentioned that. Not familiar with the GMF policy, but MSD’s may also lower the MF.


Or, if OP does MSD’s if allowed.


Are you head-over-heels in love with the Colorado and no other truck will do? These numbers are not that strong and I think you could follow incentives to get a much more competitive offer on another vehicle. If you want a smaller pickup, strong Tacoma deals come up frequently on these forums.

If you are open to going with a half-ton truck you will have significantly more options. I had been interested in a Colorado but ended up going with a Silverado because incentives were so much stronger. I ended up walking out the door with a 39 month 12K miles a year lease on a 2018 LT Double Cab All-Star for $1850 (fees and first month) with $330 a month thereafter. Others have done better, but I’ve been very pleased with the truck and the deal. If you can get Ford PCO they are a killer deal as well.

Just food for thought!


I actually am looking into all trucks of this size haha. I like the Colorado, GMC Canyon, Tacoma, but I would love a Silverado or F150. Just trying to figure out what brand is going to offer the best deal and I from what I’ve been reading it looks like Toyota might offer the best deals due to residual values.


I think the long box on a colorado is like 5.5 ft which is standard on all 1/2 half ton supercrews, plus more leg room, honestly if you’re going to spend 389 I would do it on a 1/2 ton where you have more payload, towing capabilities and interior size in general.


Yeah I think I’m slowly starting to realize that unless I could get a really good deal on a Tacoma.


GM doesn’t do MSDs.


The bowlorado is a fun truck for sure though especially the zr2 but even the regular ones are fun and bumpy :slight_smile: , maybe check the gmc version too


Thanks… wasn’t sure which is why I said if allowed.