Chevy Colorado Crew Lease Help!

Hi all,
I’ve been browsing these forums for the last couple months and using the calculator to determine what my payment should be on a Chevy Colorado Crew in Phoenix. I’m getting dealer quotes for a 24mo/10k at ~$450 for a $24-25k vehicle. I can buy a Colorado for that! I’ll attach my most recent quote on a barebones crew cab. Any help is appreciated!
Vehicle Price: $27,120.00
AutoNation Savings: - $2,303.00
AutoNation Price: $24,817.00
Tint: + $399.00
Vehicle Selling Price: $25,216.00
Sales Tax (estimate): +$2,029.89
Documentation Fee: +$499.00
Postage: +$3.00
Title Fee: +$4.00
License Fee (estimate): +$8.25
Lieu Tax: +$430.67
Tire Fee: +$5.00
Balance Due (estimate): $28,195.81

$0 Down - $451
$1000 Down - $400
$2,000 Down - $351

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You need a breakdown on the lease, not purchase. I don’t see cap cost, depreciation charge, rent charge, acq fee anywhere.

Thanks Jon, I’ve never leased a vehicle before so I was a bit confused when that was the style of quotes I was getting. I’ve requested a breakdown on the lease, and I’ll update when I get it!

Here is another offer, albeit they did 39 months and $2000 down. Not what I’m looking for, but payment seems high.

Looks like they aren’t giving you any discount off MSRP.

Ya this guy didn’t for whatever reason. But, I think the residual should be around 75% ~20k (calculating off of the MSRP) according to what the dealers have been telling me. And that first one I was looking at was down to 24k without any negotiation. So even at 24k for 2 years I’d only need to cover 4k +interest. Which is ~190/mo, where are they getting the extra $280/mo?? I’m sure I’m missing something in my calculations or using the wrong rate.

$190/mo base
$40/mo fees
$20/mo taxes
$250/mo total

Why don’t you reach our to @chevysalesgirl and do a deal with her? Your numbers will be way better, no $499 doc fees like in Phoenix (It’s $80 in Ca) and it is a 1 hour flight, and 5 hour drive home. Well worth the extra effort to get a good deal.

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She doesn’t do out of state.

Ya… I’m working with Ben to see if we can figure something out.

Most dealers in So Cal will if you go pick it up. I have purchased from quite a few places. Even if it’s not with CSG, you can find a good deal on these trucks if you look. Try Rydell, Keyes or Mark Christopher-- They will work with out of state buyers.

or contact @Anthony_Lopez he had this deal a few days ago

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