Chevy Camaro Lease

Hi guys. Love the site and the info. Recently leased a Cruze with specs almost identical to the deal posted on this site.

I am interested in possibly also leasing a 2015 Camaro as it is also a “leftover”. I don’t know where you get all your information regarding incentives as many are not easy to find. Nor is the mf and residual that GM Financial uses easy to find. The residual on is not accurate as per some previous posts.

Do you know what the numbers look like for a Camaro and/or how you would find them on your own?


Unfortunately GM Financial does not have any supported lease programs on 2015 Camaro. The model with the highest residual is the 1LS Coupe:

15,000 miles per year
24 mo: 53%
27 mo: 52%
36 mo: 48%
39 mo: 47%
42 mo: 46%
48 mo: 44%

The base MF is .00188 for 24, 27, 42, and 48 month terms, while the MF is .00177 for 36 and 39 month terms.

No CCR lease cash, although there might be other incentives.

Thanks for the information Michael. No where near as good as with the Cruze. Maybe I’ll just go for another Cruze.

Thanks again.

Or if you’d like a bit more space, the Malibu:

Decisions, decisions. WOW. I own a Volt as well.


Can the private offers stack with the Cruze and Malibu deals?

Clarification: Malibu does not qualify for $700 Costco Gift Card.

Private Offer cannot be combined with Conquest Cash or Volt Loyalty Cash.

Thanks for the clarifications Michael. Still great deals.

And thanks for all the information on the site. Has saved me a lot of money already.