Chevy Bolt(orange) lease for grab, only 1580 miles driven [only 3 months Old]

–update 0/28:
Amazing response and willingness to help in every possible way.

I have decided to wait for 3 more months. Thanks everyone again.
–update 01/24: 2PM:
Thanks everyone for such an amazing and super quick response. All of have been so patient and understanding. working best with me to go over the options. some sharing their amazing story and how we can build the trust, some ready to give cash/check at the moment. This is an amazing community.

GM: finally after a 5 hour fight back, got hold of 1 rep from GM, created my account too.
Bottomline is we need to wait as pointed by others. Adding a co-leasee is also not an option.

I think am going to pass out selling given all the info gathered. But have learned a lot from this process. Still on the call with GM with a supervisor.

–update, 01/24:
It seems GM has a policy for 6 months before transferring a lease
SwapALease also confirmed that.

EV rebate: Was on the call but they need a supervisor for this case, so still working.

The car has run 1587 miles as of today.

CA Rebate:
It seems after 2 calls with CleanVehicle Rebate: only the first registration gets. I will not be getting it, as I cannot be in California for 30 months going forward.

SwapALease: This website helps with lease swapping and my chevy dealer suggested to talk to them if they have a way out to still get this EV rebate

PGE Rebate: I will drop the 500$ from PGE too as i feel even PGE will claw it back.

I also checked with Momentum Dealership in San Jose and they said current leases are going north of 12000+ dollars. So this is still a nice deal, if you consider it without EV rebate as well as PGE.
Note the additional 500$ for Wear and tear that i paid.

1] planning to call GM financial and see what are the best options
2] Call Clean Vehicle rebate, talk to the supervisor and see what’s the best way.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2017 Bolt, Chevrolet (orange color) base model with Fast Charger DC.
*Its on a 36 months lease with 10k miles
*Only 1000 miles run until now.
*I have paid 8600(+wear and tear) for the one lease payment. Presently based in bay area and moving to Washington State.

  • After talking to CV rebates they mentioned you need to be 30 months in California to get the rebate.
    *The lease also includes Wear and Tear protection a 500$+ value. [got a deal and will share it]

Let me know if someone is interested in buying my lease.

I bought the lease around 7th Nov, so roughly 3 months in…
Ping me on 650 960 6765 if interested.

craiglist ad:

Remove the 2k+ State Rebate and PGE from the post. Sorry guys.
-Ready to share the 500 from PGE rebate as well as 2500 from state–. [ i highly doubt this, given the new understanding that it can be taken back]

Does this mean you’re asking for $8600 - $3000 - 3 months payments?

yes. that’s correct, but we need to work together on the 2500$ rebate from state, This is something the state will send. Let me know if you interested.

I need to check if there is any Federal/State tax implication on those 2500 if that’s the case, we may need to minus that. hope thats fine.

did you already get / file for the $2500 rebate?

You need to be 6 months in before GMF will approve a transfer. Also has to be registered in the same state you’re currently in. Not sure if the 1 pay makes a difference, but you should call GMF to confirm.

I filed it and is approved. But i have asked them to put on hold. We can call and check the options if you are interested.

I have a volt, but I have a coworker here in san jose who is interested. though the rebate issues play a role (i.e. losing the ability to get the $2500 changes the dynamics). He’s not elligible for the PGE as santa clara city (where he lives) has its own power company with no rebate.

thanks theToad. i already have the PGE rebate check, so you need not worry on that. for 2500$ rebate. we need to work together. I can call CV rebate center and check what. best can be done.

I can tell you he’d most likely be willing to take it off your hands for the full $8600 (assuming mileage numbers are reasonable, i.e. not pro-rated to 33-34 months or so) if the rebate was going to issue to him.

thats so nice and helpful. Presently i have 1k miles (1000) on the car. This works for me.
let me call clean rebate.

I’m interested but how is one pay transfer work with GM?

I am interested too. Not sure that $2500 is transferable, as you have to own it 30 months, and be the first owner on title. PM me if you want to discuss it more.

thanks wfojas. Please ping me on 6509606765 if still interested. I have updated the description with more accurate details.
mileage is 1587 as of now.

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Hello OP, I’d be interested if there some way to get the $2500 from state… I am in San Jose CA

lol…given interest…u may be able to get more than u paid…lol

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GM Financial won’t allow lease transfer in first 6 months or last 12 months of the lease. You might have to sit on your lease for another 3 months before you can get out of the lease.

The $2500 CA rebate - (1) only first owner gets it (2) has an income limit, $150k for single filer and $300k for joint filers. So you can pretty much forget the $2500 rebate.

Thanks sfpromo. I don’t know what level of creativity is possible to put things in place for taking care of the 3 months.
I think it seems hard to get this uncovered.

Hi. Still have this Bolt available? I’m interested in discussing it. What’s your # or email? I’m happy to be creative with you regarding the 6 month requirement.

Any one interested, WA [wanted to resurrect the conversation if there is still interest.]